Armor: The Mysterious Arma Is Going Somewhere


June 27, 2011: Turkish firm Otokar has a second (to an unnamed recipient) export sale of its new 6x6 Arma wheeled armored vehicle. The 18.5 ton vehicle has a crew of two and carries eight passengers. Armament is one 12.7 or 7.62mm machine-gun. The vehicle is air conditioned and has a top road speed of 105 kilometers an hour. Range on internal fuel is 700 kilometers. The vehicle is 6.43 meters (19.9 feet), 2.7 meters (8.4 feet) wide and 2.2 meters (6.8 feet) high.

The identity of the two export customers has not been revealed, nor has the price of the Arma 6x6. This vehicle was first offered for sale a year ago.





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