Armor: Buffel Charms Canada


December 31, 2011: Canada has ordered more Buffel ARVs (Armor Recovery Vehicle) from Germany to service its new Leopard 2 tanks. The Buffel is basically a Leopard 2 without a turret, a larger crew compartment, a crane, a dozer blade and the ability to tow vehicles weighing up to 62 tons.

When Canada sent some of its newly acquired Leopard 2 tanks to Afghanistan in 2007, Germany sent two of its own Buffels to Afghanistan to provide support for the Leopard 2s. Canada was satisfied with the performance of these two Buffels and quietly bought them.

Canada will send the German firm eight of their Leopard 2s (minus turrets) and those chassis will be converted into Buffel 3 ARVs. This will take about 20 months.





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