Armor: Algeria Adopts The Desert Fox


July 9, 2014: Algeria is negotiating to buy 980 Fuchs 2 (Fox) six wheeled armored vehicles from a German firm. The 20 ton Fuchs 2 has a crew of two and carries ten passengers. It has a top speed of 96 kilometers an hour and has a more powerful engine (than the Fuchs 1) that increases payload from four to 9.4 tons. The Fuchs 1 is usually armed with three 7.62mm machine-guns while the Fuchs 2 can handle a manned or remotely operated turret armed with a heavy machine-gun, automatic grenade launcher or missiles.

The 18 ton Fuchs 1 A8 version was used in extensively Afghanistan The 1A8 had additional protection against roadside bombs and mines and proved to be the best protected German vehicle in Afghanistan. Upgrading a Fuchs 1 to 1A8 involves adding more armor and bracing to the existing vehicle, along with improved mechanical systems to handle the additional armor. About 1,250 Fuchs have been manufactured since 1979, and it is in use mainly by Germany (1,003), plus five other countries.

Algeria will be the major user of Fuchs 2 and the German manufacturer will set up an assembly line in Algeria that will produce 120 Fuchs 2 a year until all 980 are built. Algeria already has 55 Fuchs 2 serving in the elite Republican Guard and the Algerian troops are pleased with the performance of the vehicle. The 980 additional Fuchs 2 will cost about $600,000 each and most components will be imported from Germany. Wheeled armored vehicles are more suitable for Algeria, which has lots of roads or trackless deserts that allow wheeled vehicles to operate effectively.

Algeria is also negotiating for German firms to build a military truck assembly plant and a vehicle engine manufacturing plant in Algeria. 




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