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Subject: The ever-continuing Son-of-FCS GCV saga....(with a rant on possible wheeled contenders)
doggtag    12/2/2010 9:11:18 AM
Just more tidbits from various sites and articles, some negative, some hopeful. from Defense-Aerospace.Com: Army Issues RFP for Ground Combat Vehicle ( ) from DoDBuzz: Army Relaunches FCS Son ( ) ...and after reading these and articles elsewhere, a recent emergence in the wheeled AFV category seems like a most serious contender: IVECO's new Super AV 8X8. first link from Defense-Update.Com ( ) second link from Military-Today.Com ( ) and from ArmyRecognition.Com ( ) Those of you who have access to DefenseTechnology International ( Aviation Week.Com/DTi ) , there's a very informative article on page 18 of the December 2010 DTi. Says the vehicle swims, making it a good contender to replace the USMC's LAV family, especially moreso as in current form it has built-in IED survivability, scalable protection levels, can carry 12 dismounts as an APC type (no turret, or roof-mounted RWS), or 8 dismounts with a two-man turret installed. As the latest GCV RFP doesn't specify that wheels or tracks are the requirement (contenders can be either), this could actually be a very suitable platform, as again, it also offer a suitable USMC LAV replacement (some circles have suggested the Patria AMV is a favorite there, although that vehicle doesneed much more refinement to suit some of the USMC requirements, as well as GCV requirements. The DTI article mentions that BAE secured US production rights for the IVECO SuperAV (to be primarily built in Santa Monica, California, if selected), and that they are in the process of customizing the design to suit the USMC's MPC Marine Personnel Carrier Program (my guess being, there are USMC specifics which in part probably require/stipulate many US subcontractor parts suppliers rather than predominantly European subcontractors...). The US Army doesn't really require swimming AFVs anymore, so that capability could be removed from the Army version offering for the GCV program (pretty much dropped during the evolution of the Bradley Fighting Vehgicle family, as it was realized that desired protection levels could not be met with that generation's technology levels and still be able to float/swim a tracked vehicle). My only hope is that General Dynamics Land Systems, manufacturers of the 70+%-made-in-Canada Stryker and the older USMC LAVs, doesn't "pull a Boeing" and drag out the procurement competion if their "made in USA" design isn't chosen as a possible winner ("made in USA" in the case of GDLS' Strykers as meaning: "Canada is close enough to being part of the USA"). For those of you interested in Patria's AMV, from Army-Technology.Com ( ) from Military-Today.Com ( ) and this site seems well-put-together also ( ) Either or, I think both the IVECO and Patria vehicles offer a little better solution (especially in the case of their swimming abilities suitable to the USMC requirement) moreso than the current Stryker (the more recent upgraded design featuring survivability enhancements culminating from US experiences in Irag).
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