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Subject: FRES, ASCOD SV, the right choice for the British army?
JTR~~    5/22/2011 2:51:40 PM
i have recently been considering the merits of the MoDs choice of the ASCOD SV as the British army's new specialist vehicle. i have been watching the FRES program quite intently as of late. But i wish to know what others think of the army’s choice of vehicle. Personally i like the idea of the ASCOD SV, but I am aware that is has come under some criticism, i think it is quite a neat little package, but upon review I have warmed to the idea of the CV90 proposal. This vehicle seems to be very robust, and has seen combat experience. it looks as if it too can fill all of the armies required rolls and in my opinion has room for considerable future development. To this end i have a number of questions. 1. is the ASCOD SV, not only an appropriate choice, but the best choice? 2. Would the CV90 be a suitable alternative, or even a better alternative? 3. What were the final reasons for dropping the CV 90 in favour of the ASCOD? Lastly i would like to hear people opinions concerning the CV 90, I certainly hold the machine in very high regard, I particularly like the common platform versatility, and does anyone share my sentiments? Your thoughts on the matter if you please, maybe even a relative comparison of the two vehicles, any thoughts would be most helpful. Best Regards JTR~~
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Visitor       5/28/2011 11:49:30 AM
First, the worst thing that the MOD could do is try to switch the FRES SV to anything. Between the UK's push for cut backs and their recent string of failed programmes (in the hundreds of millions GBP), this programme would just get axed instead.
Second, there's nothing significantly different between the two offerings. They have similar capabilities and both are fielded. Yes, the CV90 has combat experience, but only in COIN.

The CV90 is a capable vehicle, but there's other things to consider when any country buys a new vehicle. As per the Wikipedia article on FRES, only the CV90 and the ASCOD were offered. So, we can eliminate any other competitor. GD's offer included having the vehicle to be built in the UK, totaling (as per the news releases) saving or creating 10,600 jobs. Not only did BAE propose to build the CV90 in Sweden, but they were planning on cutting 500 jobs out of the UK's tank plant. Only after it was apparent that GD was going to win the contract, did BAE revise the bid to shift some of the work to the UK. This would have saved or created only 800 jobs.
Ultimately, BAE's poor business plan caused the CV90 to lose.
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