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Subject: Pakistan Al Khalid-1 vs Israeli Merkava IV ...Equally matched tanks of two ideological states
Teeta    12/20/2012 8:34:53 PM
Ok..the chances of these tanks going against each other in the battle-field are very low. So keep it civil and no need to troll... Weight : Al Khalid-1 : 48 tons Merkava IV : 65 tons. Speed : Al Khalid-1 : 72 km/h Merkava IV : 64 km/h Main Armament : Al Khalid-1 : 125 mm smooth bore gun Merkava IV : 120 mm smooth bore gun Payload Capacity : Al Khalid-1 : 49 rounds Merkava IV : 48 rounds Engine : Al Khalid-1 : KMDB 6TD-2 6-cylinder diesel 1,200 hp (with upgrade) Merkava IV : General Dynamics GD883 (MTU883) diesel 1,500 hp Power/Weight : Al Khalid-1 : 26 hp/tonne Merkava IV : 23 hp/tonne Armour : Al Khalid-1 : Composite armour, RHA, ERA Merkava IV : Composite matrix of laminated ceramic-steel-nickel alloy, ERA etc Operational Range : Al Khalid-1 : 500 km Merkava IV : 500 km Protection : Al Khalid-1 : VARTA active protection system Merkava IV : TROPHY active protection system ATGMs : Al Khalid-1 : Kombat , 9M119 Refleks (AT-11 Sniper) etc Merkava IV : LAHAT ----------- Feel free to point out any mistakes I made. Al Khalid-1 is right up there with latest Merkava IV , with Merkava having a slight edge due to superior electronics etc. Overall : Al Khalid-1 edges Merkava IV in firepower and mobility..while Merkava IV has better armor and protection system (Israelis are obsessed with soldiers' protection). Have your say... PS : There is alot of talk about which ATGM is superior...LAHAT or Kombat. Both ATGMs have their own advantages over the other...Al Khalid-1 and Merkava IV both carry EQUALLY sophisticated rounds like APFSDS, HEAT-FS , HE-FS, DU etc
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Belisarius1234       1/9/2013 2:03:52 AM
The Al Khalid is dead meat.
Israeli tech works. Pak tech... doesn't.
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