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Subject: Containerized combat vehicles
Jeff_F_F    2/1/2007 12:40:03 AM
I've been thinking about the possibility that the shortage of RORO shipping could be overcome by containerizing armored vehicles. My understandng is that a twin lift crane can lift 2 - 20 foot containers that together weigh as much as an M-1 tank, or a single longer container. I'm wondering if the spreaders could attach to a container that was 16 x 40 feet. I also understand that the weight of the container must be taken into account, but it might be worth reducing the armor on the next upgrade of the M-1 a bit. Also, are the floating LOTS cranes capable of lifting this much?
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reefdiver       2/1/2007 1:15:24 AM
See "Think IN the BattleBox" at this URL:
These guys think virtually everything should be containerized...
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Jeff_F_F       2/1/2007 12:26:55 PM
It is a good idea. I started out looking at the idea as an alternative to RORO transport due to the lack of sufficient transport of that sort. I was really impressed by the difference in handling speed between RORO and LOLO freight handling.
Unfortunately the vast majority of our armored vehicles are not compatible with ISO containers. Even the M113 would have to be rebuilt to make it narrow enough. Only a few armored cars are small enough world wide, and almost none with 6 or more wheels. Let alone heavy tanks. Even the WWII era Hetzer was too wide, and it was so cramped that its effectiveness was limited by lousy ergonomics. I don't think re-engineering the armored force for containerization is a workable solution. Too much resistance from too many groups.
Rather containerization should be made to fit the armored force, if possible. I'm just not familiar enough with the details of the technology to know if it is possible.
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xylene       2/9/2007 10:57:32 PM
I'm going off memory, but I think the max allowable wieght for a 40' container is approx. 20-25 tons. It would require special containers not only for dimensions , but extra scantlings and stronger corner posts. The gantry cranes used would need to be able to work with heavier loads and spreaders that size would be difficult to operate with normal cranes. In essence after making all modifications needed you loose the benefits containerization was meant to give. You lose flexibility, speed, and the ability to go different modes of travel.
What about LASH? There are probably not alot left in the world fleet, but I would guess that a LASH barge could maybe fit more than one M1 tanks.
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Herald1234    Netfires artillery trucks and tracks.   6/14/2007 7:03:52 PM
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