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Subject: Military sealift command    8/21/2002 7:41:20 PM
Has anyone checked out the MSC's site? Fast and medium speed sealift ships are on 4 day alert status!! I think the administration knows exactly what they want to do and when.
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realrescue3    RE:Military sealift command   9/13/2002 10:53:32 PM
I was once thinking of joining msc. Anyone know if they are pretty good to work for? Pay...etc? Time off....
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ppattles    RE:Military sealift command   2/12/2006 6:58:59 PM
i only know about the licensed engineers, (3rd assistant and up), they pay pretty good and jobs can be had but they are starting to decline, some of those ships are really old
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xylene    RE:Military sealift command   2/14/2006 4:11:22 PM
The one complaint I noted from collegues about MSC is that they are slow at getting people relieved. 4 months can easily turn into 6 or 7 months waiting on your replacement. Other than that I think MSC would be better than working for a private shipping company.
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mmariner2185    RE:Military sealift command   2/14/2006 9:18:40 PM
MSC wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the Mariner having to summon the time, resources, and money for STCW '95 on his own. The man I talked to at MSC informed me I had to get that on my own. If I am gonna sail on a commercial ship making $1,000 a month as an O.S. and have crappy relief when my tour is up, they better at least pay for all of my training and put me through it themselves. In time of war I find it alarming that seamen must pay to play their part in delivering the goods. Some private companies around the NY, NJ, and CT area pay Ordinary Seaman as much as $290 a day... with that kind of money who needs MSC's benefits and pains
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xylene    RE:Military sealift command   2/15/2006 11:37:01 AM
I always assumed that mariners with MSC were able to visit more ports and have more time in each port than counterparts in private companies. When I was a cadet I loved traveling to different parts of the world and staying in ports for 3 days etc. It came as a rude awakening when I sailed as a deck officer for an oil company that time in port was just hard work if you had any time at all. I thought unliscenced ratings in MSC had to be in the union? If so, I thought the union provided STCW training.
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mmariner2185    RE:Military sealift command   2/15/2006 11:46:07 AM
MSC is Federal, therefore there is no need for the SIU, Local 333, SUP...etc. They told me unlicensed ratings required STCW '95 and that I had to get it all on my own before they would consider hiring me. If I gotta waste my time and money finding the time to go to school out of state and mass up these documents, then MSC can enjoy shipping cargo undermanned for all I care. They need to make it more like the service, where you sign up and get trained..... maybe then I would take them seriously. Earning all your STCW is NOT easy, it's very expensive and time consuming... lots of paperwork and headache. MSC needs to take care of all of that
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xylene    RE:Military sealift command   2/15/2006 12:47:05 PM
I understand your pain. Lucky for me I was grandfathered in for STCW when I originally got my MMD and Liscense, today I don't sail anymore so I just go for continuity renewal. That's one of the reasons I decided to go shoreside. The never ending training requirements, tough civil and criminal penalties, increasing responsibilities, and static wage scheme was too much and I decided to stop going to sea. I think keeping a viable competent workforce will be an increasing problem for US and foreign shipping companies. I can only speak for deep sea (never sailed inland or coastwise). It seems government and private industry want highly educated multi-professionals but the wage and working conditions offered don't match the quality of workers they desire.
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mmariner2185    RE:Military sealift command   2/15/2006 8:17:33 PM
I think on the whole that STCW, both 1978 and 1995, were a waste of time and did a better job in making people go elsewhere for work. It's kind of sad that you need to pay thousands of dollars to get a job.... thats a little awkward. MSC pays crap, the ONLY way to make a buck out there is to stay out there for unreal amounts of time, which I am not doing, AND there is no guarantee you will be on a ship that moves... I knew a man who spent 9 months in Diego Garcia without budging an inch. Thats sooooome seatime. Anyone looking to sail should just look at companies like Bouchard, Buchanan, or K-Sea, which pay seaman anywhere from $201 a day to $290 a day AS AN O.S. Otherwise, get outta this industry. I remember stories of entry level seamen making $1,000 a month in 1969... whatever happened to those days :-(
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xylene    RE:Military sealift command   2/16/2006 12:44:52 PM
The only way we will see high paying days again is if we get into a long and protracted war with China requiring massive amounts of sustained sealift and merchant marine forces. Course that high pay will come at a cost, since China has the capability of blowing merchant ships out of the water.
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mmariner2185    RE:Military sealift command   2/16/2006 1:00:11 PM
Yeah for some reason I doubt we'd ever have a long and protracted war with them or even Korea, for both sides know the mutual assured destruction factor makes it pointless to even attempt war. We'd find out just how unfortunate it is that we hardly have a Merchant Marine if a war like that did start. I am sure if it DID happen they'd probably resort to the WW2 method of 'enlisting' men into the Merchant Marine and training them like they did back then.... this is where STCW would probably be ditched for more realistic methods of training civilian sailors, seeing as the consensus shows that there are still accidents and mistakes being made now just as much as before these stupid regs were passed. Even some of my instructors at Ft. Schuyler were telling us how STCW is kind of pointless..... cause you can go into the program a moron and come out kind of unphased by it. :-D I love you MARAD
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