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Subject: Private Maritime Security (legislation and companies)
Etustarr    11/23/2011 4:20:49 PM
Hi , the ongoing pirate attacks (not only in the arabian sea and neighboring areas) helped to start some private maritime security companies, the biggest to my knowledge beeing PVI. Since i am currently in Germany i noticed they are changeing the laws concerning weapons and PMCs on ships. Having PMCs on ships in international waters is not the problem. A PMCs crew fully armed or only their weapons in the port (of a destination or leaving country) is the problem, due to weapon or PMC restriction in the country. There are some movements in the last years to change UN Convention of the Sea Law (UNCLOS) and the maritime security regimes. Right now the Shipping Company and the (bigger) PMCs are negotiating their permissions with destination/leaving ports and some base ports (which are used for logistics of the security teams, their ships (not that many) and their training). I am interested in starting the discussion of information on 2 aspects of this: - changes in legislation (national - so tell the country you are meaning and worldwide ) - Private Military/Security Companies already in action (note that many PMCs state on their pages they are doing maritime sec but its mostly only words) so show me what you have...
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Etustarr    double post   11/23/2011 4:37:15 PM
@admin  - sorry for the double post but i get an error message from the board when posting
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