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Subject: ethnic''s rights
haqe76@hotmail    8/7/2002 10:10:20 AM
What happened for the Amazigh folk, called outragously "Berbers" is y by all means a crime against humanity, The Amazigh folk accepted the Arabs for the reason of propagating the message of Islam, at the end, the Arabs succeded in doing that with the help of the Amazigh themselves, but at the end the Amazigh folk found themselves pesecuted, underdoged chassed and prevented the basic rights for the existence of any people in this world, and now the Amazigh in Algeria-Morocco-Tunisia- Libya are trying hard to rectify this mistake and restaure this injustice and distorted historic process, the answer of the pro-arabs, not only refusing to admit the mistake but opposing totaly to any change of the present picture of North Africa.
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