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Subject: berbers
andrewbrynmorweare    3/19/2002 6:19:51 PM
A friend of mine had a friend who was a Berber, they are something else, and were not conditioned by islam the way one usually finds folk in that part of the world.
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MightyIdle    RE:berbers   11/23/2004 1:26:18 PM
I've a good friend who is a Berber from Algeria. He certainly has not been conditioned by islam and holds a great deal of disdain for his arab neighbors. He also expresses worry for his family because they are in constant danger of violence from islamic extremists. Unlike him, the members of his family in Algeria are devout muslims. They're also very open people and curious about other people, including non muslims. It seems that their more radical neighbors feel that they're not 'extreme' enough.
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