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Troop Living Conditions in Afghanistan Discussion Board
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Subject: Has something changed in the last few days
Lone Eagle    11/3/2002 4:23:29 PM
Has something changed in the last few days. I thought we were at WAR. Those people should be glad they have a bed to sleep in and are receiving hot meals each day. Having to walk 20 minutes to eat a hot meal, poor babies.How would these people react if their unit was attacked at night. They could be killed in their nice warm beds. How would they feel if they didn't have tents, racks, hot chow, showers, telephone calls home etc. Just be thankful for what you have. If they were in the Marine Corps the NCO's would keep them busy. They would be policeing up the living area. Watering down the roads to keep the dust down.These clowns have too much free time. Again I would like to remind them thay are in a WAR zone.
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