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Troop Living Conditions in Afghanistan Discussion Board
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Subject: Whiny Air Force Pukes
cptdanjou    11/6/2002 11:45:58 AM
Icannot believe these REMF air force pukes are whining about living conditions. As a tanker during Desert Storm I am disgusted by these pogues. Let them live the life of combat arms troops for a while and let them learn what hardship is. Let them try sleeping in a tank for weeks on end and not seeing a chow hall or shower for equal amount of time. Anybody that complains about not having enough DVD's in their PX should be immediately transferred to a combat arms unit so they can see what hardship really is.
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joel0622    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   11/9/2002 10:11:26 AM
I saw Barracks, PX's, Phones, tents with floors, showers, and no LBE's or Kevlars, looked pretty cushy to me. If they want to get a real dose of what A real soldiers life is like let them deploy with the 82ND AIRBORNE, that will give them a whole new respect for what they have
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jlb    RE:your username   11/16/2002 5:48:34 AM
Do you have a wooden hand? :)
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Guns    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   11/16/2002 7:53:54 PM
Hey man, the AIR FORCE Pukes kept your tank in ammo straight out of the airlifter to our freight yard and it was all gone by the end of each day, you guys hauled it out as fast as it came in. I was a member of the 146th MAPS at KKMC (Air Guard Unit) Glad to see you tankers put them main gun rounds to good use. Met some great chopper pilots flying Chinnoks, we helped them deliver cargo.
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Chk6    (Bagram)Afghanistani's Donate DVDs to Unprivileged Airmen   1/16/2003 4:17:13 AM
Anyone whocomplains about not having enough DVDs in a combat zone while in a country that just a year ago was (and still is) literally hell on earth needs to be immediately separated from the military. Even if it is a ploy to get more funding for quality of life in Afgnanistan (an oxymoron), then it would be totally typical of how we appeal to the most banal and materialistic desires of our younger generation as incentives to continue giving your life ensuring the survival and strength of our nation. Basically, it's the only way to get enough cannon fodder to join the military in this day and age.
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budloar3    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   1/27/2003 8:26:43 PM
You army guys are always bitching about our cushy conditions. WTF? I got your "real soldier" right here you arrogant ass. Lets see you fight a war without air support butt nugget. BTW you didn't see me bitchin at all. Have fun jumping out of your plane. Oh, thats right their our planes aren't they. Gobbler.
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armyman    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   8/19/2003 8:41:41 PM
There are times when you have to be thankful for the fact that you are alive, military life is not are all in this war.
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armyman    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   8/19/2003 8:41:43 PM
There are times when you have to be thankful for the fact that you are alive, military life is not are all in this war.
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WinsettZ    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   8/26/2003 3:23:17 PM
Air Force people aren't supposed to be jumping into fields to shoot people. Their jobs are different. Very much different like apples and oranges. Both are fruit, and both taste good. But both are very different. Can't compare the air force to the airborne. But neither should be expecting Hotel Marriott in the middle of Afghanistan. Air Force gotta live with it...unless they can build it themselves?
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skankersore    RE:Whiny Air Force Pukes   4/2/2004 2:27:06 AM
New generation troops.....Baby Boomer generations kids. Nintendo babys....Softys. Look at these kids today. I am amazed we are fighting these wars so well. Thank God for technology. Go to shopping centers in this country and see alll these weeble-wobble looking blobs walking around with their gameboys. My grandfather thought we were my generation (Im 31) looks like warriors compared to the youth walking around now. Go to Wal-mat and you see kids flopping around and crawling all over the floors as there parents look away. I hope we keep this tech thing going and I fear the day we got to send these kids into a real hand to hand ground war.....Amen
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kirby1       2/27/2007 9:13:34 PM
A word on comfort. Most base services (Even in deployed environments) are not paid for by the Department of Defense or the US Tax payers. They are paid for by the end users. PXs and their other service counterparts (Along with most of the other services offered on base such as resteraunts, conveniences stores, theatres, etc) are kept running by the profits made via thier sales.  
While the bitching is rediculous, as far as "the Baghdad BX doesn't have the Nintendo DS game I want! WAAA" end of it, please don't give the poor civilians in the room the misguieded thoughts that these luxury services are being paid for with thier hard earned tax dollars. When it comes to personal comfort, whether it be the shop snackbar, the squadron booster club, or the base theatre, all that money is generated by the troops themselves. 
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