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Troop Living Conditions in Afghanistan Discussion Board
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Subject: Complaining=money sometimes..
Hadberz    11/8/2002 2:56:42 AM
Complaining is often a way of trying to get more money pumped into a base, but I can assure you this the mission will get done.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Complaining=money sometimes..   11/8/2002 5:14:46 AM
Troops living in the 'on-base' housing at Ft. Belvoir have complained for years of the leaking basements, the human feces that back up into the basements every time it rains, of the generally poor condition of the housing - remember, this is not a warzone, it's a base close to our nations capitol! and our troops are STILL living in slums that should be condemned! This is where the families live, not barracks where the single soldiers live. (The barracks for the single soldiers was recently refurbished, they are quite nice now. This is how we repay our soldiers and the families who support them. substandard pay, substandard housing. And of course the mission is still accomplished: it's called professionalism. Whining in a warzone is just that. whining. E.
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