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Troop Living Conditions in Afghanistan Discussion Board
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Subject: Been There Done That at KKMC
Guns    11/16/2002 7:43:22 PM
My first impressions of the living conditions were " so whats your problem?" had very similiar conditions at KKMC Air Field Saudi Arabia. We had a laundry but it was easier to do your own, in your own bucket of water and hang it up in your tent during the winter or outside in good weather. Lived in tents not buildings, that was for sissy's.The Rec. Tent was alot better. The chow was hot breakfast, MRE's for lunch and hot dinner if you got back from the air field in time. MRE's at the air field only. It was dusty, in a desert ya know. Rather large spiders that you did not want in your sleeping bag, and snakes. Nightly SCUD attacks just to help remind you there was war on. Our Air Guard Unit built our own bunkers. The phone service was good and kinda private. So Hey quit your bitchin. BUT they should get some better food service in there for all our troops. Oh, if you don't like the DVD selection bring your own next time !
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