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Subject: It seems that this is a BLAME ARMY photo shoot!
Chicken Warrior    11/20/2002 8:18:53 AM
My brother, who got out of Army last year, thought the camp looked pretty cozy compared to some of the stuff he's been in. He was in a Supply unit (Direct Support). The dust seems to be general issue Desert Dust, which he's experienced at Ft. Irwin, Egypt and a few other locations. He noticed their tents had both double canopies and vestibules, something his unit didn't have. Did you notice the guy in chow line in shorts and teeshirt with his rifle? If the Air Force is soooooooo upset about the living conditions then why do the always rely on the Army for support? Why don't they have their own gear for this stuff? Or is this a leftover when the Air Force was part of the Army, as it probably should have stayed! At least then their personnel would have been through basic, like the Marines do. A few friends think the Army sent their worst support unit to the Air Force, and saved the better ones for themselves.
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