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Troop Living Conditions in Afghanistan Discussion Board
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Subject: Living Conditions in Afghanistan--Force Provider Modules
1stcavman    2/7/2004 8:33:05 PM
I was mobilized and was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division. Conditions were much better than when I fought in the First Gulf War. The Army now uses a living unit called Force Provider which gives troops good tents that are heated and AC'd, and there is hot water for showers. In the Gulf in 1991 we lived in GP mediums, or our vehicles, and we still burned human waste in cans filled with gasoline.
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worldbuilder    RE:Living Conditions in Afghanistan--Force Provider Modules   1/6/2005 10:14:07 PM
i have to agree. however, no camp here in kabul even compares to bagram ar base. anyone know why its so clean?
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Provider 7    RE:Living Conditions in Afghanistan--Force Provider Modules   6/2/2005 2:44:10 PM
My unit was one of the first to go into the AOR to set up the FP modules and sent contact tems south to set up sub-sections of the FP module. It doesn't get any better than Force Provider!
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