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Subject: This might have been touched on, but worth repeating...
foxbat    5/23/2004 12:59:29 AM
First, obviously these photos were shot by a chick, which will bring me at politically terminal velocity to my point (the common sense of generals throughout time): This is why we don't have girlies serving side by side with our men. I could hardly bear to read the comments on all of those photos... whining because there is no A/C? Give me a big huge freaking break! I'm sure our Russian friends didn't compain about this when they were in Afghanistan (even if they were preoccupied with making bombs look like toys for local children to play with). To the whiney, wimpering, blondina who obviously like totally misses her maskera and convertable I say simply this: THIS IS THE MILITARY AND WE ARE AT WAR! GET OVER IT, YA P***Y! (Which by the way explains why that term is used for wimps). That's all. Pardon my redundancy if I am the 500th person to have already said this ;-)
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