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Subject: SHUTUP!!!!
ArmyGulfWarVet    11/1/2002 9:57:47 AM
I cannot believe that this is actually an issue. Up until now I would admit that I have been rather hard on the Air Farce for its inherent lack of discipline, but this takes the cake! Have we forgotten that though you are members of the Air Farce you have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. You guys in the Air Force have it made 99% of the time. Now you deploy to a combat zone and are complaining beause Robin Leach isn't there to usher you to your "dorms". Try spending time with the 24th ID (Mech), the 82nd, or the 101st. See what it is REALLY like to be "In-Country". You guys are complaining because the gym has antiquated equipment? The only exercise I got when I was overseas in a combat zone was filling sandbags, burning feces, and doing endless PMCS's on the vehicles and equipment. And to complain that the "refrigerators only contain bottled water that must be drunk on the premises"? Did you say REFRIGERATOR?!?!?! Jesus Christ, I did want to discuss this rationally but I find myself becoming more and more livid by the moment. Don't get me wrong, I thank every serviceman and servicewoman for their efforts, and I can sympathize and EMpathize with being away from loved ones. But Lord have mercy Father help us all! At least ACT like you are a branch of the armed forces! You guys sleep in buildings, and at the worst in GP Medium's. Come run with the grunts for a while, and those dilapidated buildings will seem like the Taj Mahal to you. Did someone actually complain about having to use a bathroom with only one sink and three showers?! Man, I can remember how fortunate I felt when my Mom mailed me a box of wet wipes. I cleaned my fourth point of contact, armpits, crotch, and wiped the back of my neck. You know what, I felt like I was ready to go to church! Someone said that you guys have to walk 20 minutes to get to get to the chow hall. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! A chow hall, I would have walked two hours for a hot meal. Nothing like eating "Mysteries" (MRE's) three times a day, and being unfortunate to draw a corned beef hash for two of your three meals out of the day. Get a backbone for God's sake! I'm not on active duty now, but I am still in the Guard, if I get called up I will gladly serve. I may complain about the conditions but I tell you what there is a difference between complaining and squealing like a girl! I suppose the insult to injury was that the PX didn't have enough CD's and DVD's to select from. How Draconian! Instead of complaining about what the Army is not providing you, how about taking a good look at yourselves and consider yourself lucky that you weren't on the ground during Operation Anaconda...just think if those guys from the 10th Mountain didn't want to engage the Army because they hadn't showered and "Just didn't feel fresh". Wake up and change that Farce to Force.
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Alaskan Captain    RE:SHUTUP!!!!   11/1/2002 11:59:48 AM
I second this motion!
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Rocster    RE:SHUTUP!!!!   11/1/2002 12:42:31 PM
Put this Captain in charge of this unit PRONTO !! Where Hacket when you need him !
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Spetsnaz    RE:SHUTUP!!!!   11/1/2002 3:31:10 PM
Isnt this how a lot os US soldiers fell though? loke in peace keeping operations in Bosnia where they are treated like Kings compared to other countries facilities
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Wes E. Tower    RE:SHUTUP!!!!   11/2/2002 5:05:34 AM
As an active duty air force for 7 years, a Reservist for 2, and now a air guardsman going on 3 years, AND some one who was one of the first people to see places like Bagram recently, I would say who ever in the Air Force did those pictures and started this whole issue should be courtmartialed for acts detrimental to discipline and unit morale. And those acts can be punished under the UMCJ. COmplaining about having a tent? ..At least they HAD tent..and dust..sheesh..I won't even express my disgust with the talk of the rec center and such.
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Guns    RE:SHUTUP!!!!   11/16/2002 8:12:04 PM
When I read the complaints from Air Force personnel about there living conditions I was embarrassed to have been part of that service. My Guard Unit went to Gulf War as volunteers, we beat on our commanders to get us over there before it was over. Spent 6 months at KKMC,we were scudded,built our own bunkers, lived in tents, MRE's ? don't get me started on that! Met some great ARMY chopper crews flying Big Windys out of Germany. They had no floors in there tents like we did, we did steal the plywood for them but thats another story. They enjoyed the hell out of getting a hot meal at our tent city, even went back for more. The members of my unit were somewhat older than the young kids on active duty and manny were vets from Vietnam. We enjoyed our some what better conditions, but never forgot our brothers in the field.
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Elbandeedo    Was:RE:SHUTUP!!!! To Guns   11/18/2002 6:38:22 AM
Just wanted to say from an old Army puke to an 'Old Air Force Puke' - Attaboy! :o) Seriously, I know many Air Force folks who are embarrassed nearly to death by this incident. I'm embarrassed for my Air Force friends - I know none of them would act like that! We all whine in the 'trenches', but it's always been to each other - not to the world press, or blasted all over the Internet in pictures. Anyway, Appreciate your service Guns, and those like you - check six and keep your heads down! E.
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Guns    RE:SHUTUP!!!!to Elbandeedo   11/23/2002 10:41:26 PM
Hey Elbandeedo, Thanks for the good words, I always check my 6, back at you. Guns
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Scorpene    RE:Speaking of the Gitmo Goblins   11/27/2003 11:45:56 AM
I have noticed that criminals or POWs do have better living accomodations than our soldiers do; in many US states there would be a legal nuclear explosion if you made inmates sleep in tents or outside. Any and all members of every service should go through an intake program where they are made to live outdoors and cope with wilderness hazards, to include the extreme temperatures and bugs and room temperature water. As most everyone posting here knows, you learn that you can cope with almost anything if you've the right mind, whether it's sleeping outside during a monsoon or during below freezing temperatures. Boy, the memories.
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JROTCKid    RE:Speaking of the Gitmo Goblins   12/15/2003 10:58:13 AM
The kids in my ROTC unit are more hardcore than some of the New Off the line Army and Airforce personnel . Not to down the old time guys Ive got two grand partents both Army vets one did Two tours in Nam .
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John_Galt    RE:SHUTUP!!!!   1/16/2004 8:03:01 PM
I truly thought that this was a joke, until I read through the replies. You can't even make this stuff up.
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