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Subject: Joining the RAAF reserves...
stingray1003    7/17/2008 11:35:51 PM
I have put in an application to join the RAAF reserve as an Inteligence officer. I choose the RAAF over the RAN or the RAA due to: *Being located within 25 minutes of Richmond RAAF base (I am located north west of the RAAF base meaning RAN would be over 1.5hr commute and RAA over an hour at best). *Offering Inteligence officer position (only offered by RAN and RAAF) There are no reserve signals positions in the RAN/RAAF. RAA officers reserves appear to get paid less once qualified?! *On a recent trip to the AMM visting the vampire and the onslow, I realised I would really struggle on ships due to my height. Even on modern new ones. However, in a few years I would concider moving to navy for something different. *Inteligence would be newer to me where the signals thing, I've done many times before with radio/computers/networks etc. Im kind of sick of doing that stuff. *I seem to already spend much of my time here and at defencetalk researching systems, specs, news, aquisitions etc. It might as well be a part time job. (the knowledge and interest part not the posting on forums part). *RAAF reserves get 16 paid leave days from the DET in NSW. RAN only get 14 and RAA get 12 per year. While I am planning to do most of my reserve work during holiday breaks, the additional days could be important (making over 3 full weeks). I have to say purusing the website its an odd selection of jobs that are avalible as full time, reserve and as part of the gap program. The which job is right for me on the defencejob HQ site narrowed it down to a mere 127 possible jobs. So any tips or helpful info? Fitness: I am reasonably fit. Until 2 months ago I was playing rugby, usually 2 games back to back(in a 2nd division club from 4-2nd grade). Most of my training is sprint based, but long distance is okay. I gave up my weekend labouring job about 6 months ago but I am certainly strong enough. I will aim to lose 10kg in around 5 weeks and improve longer distance running. RAAF seem to be easier on the fitness anyway. Knowlege: While reasonably well versed in ADF lingo and abbrv. I will brush up on my RAAF/ADF history and equipment. Questions: Apparently RAAF officers have to give a presentation at interview? I notice the RAN offers complete detail over the web about the training at Creswell. Names of trainers, map of venue, everything actually. Yet the RAAF has none of this detail. Is it avalible?
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