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Subject: Joining the RAAF Reserves
stingray1003    7/18/2008 12:12:44 AM
Well I have put in an application to join the ADF as a reserve Intelligence Officer for the RAAF. Several reasons: * As I work as a science teacher for the NSW DET, RAAF reservists get 16 paid days leave per year. (RAN get 14 and RAA get 12). While I hope to complete most training during school holiday periods to minimise disruption to my classes and to my school, this additional leave should avoid unpaid leave hassles (which for the DET are a massive pain). * I live within 25 minutes of the RAAF base at Richmond. It would be over an hour to Penrith for me and over 1 ½-2 hrs for RAN. * The AMM at darling harbour reminded me tall people in ships (Vampire) and boats (Onslow) can cause additional head ache. * Intelligence to me sounds more interesting than Signals in the RAA (already pretty knowledgeable) and I want to do something other than teaching. However talking to a reserve Senior Warrant officer who lives next door, he found intelligence stuff dead boring. * While I enjoy teaching, I require a more challenging job, at least part time. While teaching (particularly science/physics) is quiet time consuming I am no longer learning many new skills or applying many of my other skills. Hopefully the reserves are the ticket. I have a degree in physics, masters in teaching. I am physically fit (regular rugby player and occasional labourer). I have a security licence (in a previous life I used to be a bouncer) and worked at a company that monitored many ADF sites alarms, so I assume my clearance should be ok. I generally do well in interviews, having being in recruitment myself. I have a reasonable knowledge of the ADF and its structure. I don’t know what else I can do to make myself more desirable to the ADF. Any advice, tips, or hints? I understand that as a reserve officer I will under go stacks (years) of training before I am operationally useful. Is there any particular direction I should be heading too? Any particular things to prepare for? Why do RAN/RAAF reserve officers get paid more than RAA? Do RAAF officer applicants need to prepare a presentation for interview?
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