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Subject: US reviewing F-22 Program
Kevin Pork    7/25/2008 6:00:07 AM
THE Pentagon is reviewing the future of the F-22 Raptor in a move that will rule out any Australian purchase of the stealth fighter. Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon approached his US counterpart, Robert Gates, earlier this year about the potential availability of the F-22 for the RAAF. But soaring maintenance costs in the F-22 program have prompted a review of the fighter's future production status.,25197,24074501-31477,00.html ---------------- Aparently its not cheap to run. hopefully the rumours of Aust buying the F-22 can stop now.
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Volkodav       7/25/2008 6:35:59 AM
Oh I heard that we were looking at buying surplus US F-22's at a discount price.
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