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Subject: Land 121 may have to be reopened
Volkodav    8/3/2008 9:14:17 AM
There is a rumor that the protected variants of the winning BAE/Stewart Stevenson contender has failed DSTO testing of their armour systems against IED's and as a result the competition may be reopened. Does anyone know any thing about this?
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Volkodav       8/14/2008 8:46:12 AM
Not just the armoured variants appearantly. 
From DID

LAND 121 ? also known as Project Overlander ? is the largest land project in Australia?s Defence Capability Plan. Overall, this is currently an A$3 billion (USD $2.65 billion) investment in the Australian Army to replace its fleet of Army trucks, four-wheel drives, trailers and modules for Army?s high readiness units. As Defence Mnister Hill said in 2005: ?Our current fleet is ageing and is becoming more costly to maintain and upgrade. The vehicles will range from lightweight four-wheel drives to heavy trucks and prime movers with interchangeable modules to increase operational flexibility.?

Now, Overlander is off. New defense minister Joel Fitzgibbon has canceled the award, and declared a renewed competition?

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