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Subject: Give me more Aussies, pleads general
Volkodav    9/3/2008 3:07:24 AM
September 03, 2008 DAVID Petraeus would like more Australians to work alongside him as he assumes overall command of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars next month. General Petraeus said he had already asked Canberra to lend him several Australians. "I have already requested it. I need to be careful here," he said with a broad smile. Talking to The Australian from his map-lined office in Baghdad, the four-star general said he wanted to thank Australian troops for their contribution to Iraq. "We are privileged to have them with us," he said. "They have initiative. They have a great work ethic and they have a wonderful sense of humour. "They don't hesitate to offer a view, even when not solicited. "That's how I like to operate and like to see others operate. I want people to speak up. We want individuals to have unvarnished opinions and I think Aussies are very good at that." General Petraeus said Australia had speedily answered his call to provide specialist trainers to help build the Iraqi army's logistics support arm. He also said the ADF "got it" when it came to understanding the nature of counter-insurgency warfare. Patrick Walters _____________________________________________________________ I assume he is after senior staff officers, although I do not doubt he would love to have more of our SOF and CAV, if we had any more to spare.
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neutralizer       9/4/2008 7:10:50 AM
Typical of the crap published by The Australian.  Their journos are so stupid they don't event realise that Petraeus will not command Afghanistan.  He will command US forces in the region.  In Afghanistan there is the ludicrous situation where some US forces are under US command and others are under NATO command along with all other non-Afghan forces including Australian.  Command of the NATO forces rotates, the first command was Gen Sir David Richards, current is the second US general is in the job, the next change over seems to be to another UK general and UK framework HQ, again based on the ARRC which has a multinational staff. 
The had another beauty today, no doubt they'll blame The Times which originally published the article.  Aust forces involved in the recent heavy convoy from Kandahar to Karaji, true, in The Australian they were described as special forces, hmm, big assumption there, why would Aust SF be needed, Helmand has the AA bde recce force including the rather important cbt engr recce elms?  Put money on the Aust involvement being RAA in G Bty RHA. 
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