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Subject: If you could improve our defence forces!
hairy man    10/5/2008 11:51:56 PM
In his speech to the RSL National Congress last month, PM Kevin Rudd said, "We need a first rate and flexible land force - one capable of taking on challenges from contributing to high-end military engagements through to delivering post-conflict reconstruction support. "We need an enhanced naval capability that can protect our sea lanes of communication and support our land forces as they deploy. "And we need an air force that can fill support and combat roles and can deter, defeat and provide assistance to land and maritime forces." Now if you were given the job of improving our Defence Forces and unlimited funds, what would you do? What equipment would you order? I know we have had numerous threads like this before, but we have'nt had one for a while and they are usually a bit of fun.
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hairy man       10/6/2008 6:49:34 PM
What happened here? I could'nt get the site to accept the post, now it has accepted about 10 of them!
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stingray1003       10/6/2008 9:03:02 PM
On a v.favourable budget:
3 x LHD's
*One biased towards air ops (fuel, weapon stowage deck config) however could be reconfig during a <3 month refit. Typhoons, essm, led deck marking
4x AWD's (A 5th as a option, crewed by NZ?)
*ESSM, 20mm CIWS x2, typhoons, harpoon, SM-2,SM-3/6, guided 5", helo and UAV
2x Sealift RoRo (MRV) 50,000t (2x mini typhoons, CIWS mounts)
2x HSC 125m type. For island hopping, etc.
Confirmation of a 8 Sub build on the next gen subs
New frigate program of 8 hulls, based off the AWD hull, with NZ signing a deal for 3. 2x helos, smaller missile load, improved automation, etc.
16x NH-90's
16x UAV
24x F-35b under the RAAF but frequently tasked with the 3rd LHD.
*North and Island airbases would be specifically be upgraded for supporting F-35A/B/C for AU, UK and US carriers.
76x F-35A for the RAAF
*additional missile and weapons procured/updated. JSOW-ER/SLAM-ER
1x Additional C-17
6x F-18 SH to be fitted for electronic warfare (to be retained)
6x additional CH-47 chinooks
12x additional Tigers
36x PzH-2000 with guided munitions
6x Fuchs Electronic Warfare vechicals or simular
Review of all gear. Supply of proper webbing, boots, equipment, technology, armour etc.
 Add to this increase in personel numbers, support systems, command systems, com systems.
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