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Subject: Hey Dropbear ...
Aussiegunneragain    10/18/2008 9:15:16 AM
... I had a dream last night that I met you, but that you were a woman!!! I was confused because you once mentioned your girlfriend's "bountiful orbs of desire" on this site, but when I me mentioned it you just gave me a cheeky look over your shoulder as you turned and walked away. You'll probably find that disturbing but funny, I know I did. I think I might be spending too much time on SP though.... BTW don't worry, it was a dry dream.
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gf0012-aust       10/18/2008 4:13:31 PM

BTW don't worry, it was a dry dream.

and thats supposed to relax him? :)
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doggtag    Sheesh!   10/18/2008 5:59:56 PM
I think there's some things the rest of us juuuust don't need to know!
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hairy man       10/18/2008 7:25:39 PM
Drop Bear, I would be worried if I was you.
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