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Subject: Aussie milk contaminated, says China
Zhang Fei    11/7/2008 8:20:26 PM
You could have seen this coming a mile away. Typical Chinese maneuver. (Quote) CHINA says two shipments of Australian milk, including Pauls brand, failed quality tests put in place after a contaminated milk scandal Four children died in China and 53,000 people got sick after drinking milk powder laced with melamine, which is used to cheat nutrition tests and is also used to make plastic furniture. Melamine has since been found in other dairy products, eggs and animal feed, prompting recalls of Chinese-made products around the world. Many worried Chinese parents have switched to foreign-made formula, which the Chinese government has begun screening. China says 9 tonnes of 'Ausnutria' milk powder made by Australian dairy company Tatura Industries and 14 tonnes of Pauls brand milk, owned by Paramlat Australia, tested positive for a bacteria. Parmalat Australia, the maker of Pauls milk, said Chinese officials have not told them about any problems with its products. The first they heard of it was in media reports. "Parmalat has not been informed of any problems with any products from any Chinese authorities,'' the spokesman said. "All Parmalat products are subject to stringent quality standards, passing quality inspections in Australia prior to export.'' A Tatura official said the problem batch had passed quality inspections in Australia before being seized at Chinese customs, and that the product was never sold locally. "The products never made it into the local market," Tony McKenna, general manager of Nutritionals at Tatura, told Reuters by telephone. "We've absolute faith in our quality systems, but we will comply with all of (the Chinese) requirements," Mr McKenna said. (Unquote)
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