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Subject: Air Power Seminar
gf0012-aust    11/14/2008 6:03:08 AM
UNCLASSIFIED Air Power Seminar 1030-1130 hours Wednesday 19 November 2008 R1 Theatre, Russell Offices AIR FORCE AND DECISION SUPERIORITY: CREATING A FORCE DESIGNED TO DECIDE The ability to set the pace of decision-making and to make and enact sound decisions is critical to military forces. Effecting change in an adversary, be it through physical force or non-physical means is achieved in practice most successfully through the exercise of greater judgement and in making better, more timely decisions. The idea is a simple one but, as this air power presentation will reveal, not necessarily simple in implementation or practice. This presentation will contend that decision-making skills, for operations and organisational design, are so important that they must be considered a defining quality of our Air Force, and perhaps the defining quality if Air Force is to realise its intended future as expressed in the Future Air and Space Operating Concept. This is because experience implies that people well educated and practiced in their profession, and with superior decision-making skills, will always prevail, all else being equal. The questions that this presentation explores from an Air Force perspective is; what is decision superiority, why it is important to Air Force and what Air Force should do, and is doing, about ensuring it? Presenters This Seminar will be introduced by the Deputy Chief of Air Force and the presentation will be a combined effort between Air Power Development Centre and Strategy Planning-Air Force staff. The seminar will commence promptly at 1030 hours. For further information and to register your attendance, please contact: Air Power Development Centre
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