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Subject: naval asymmetric defence
thruster    1/12/2009 11:03:30 PM
hi, ive been away for ages. back then i asked a question re .50cals as asymmetric defence. im still curious? the navy has spent abit on mini typhoon .50cal systems, and since [awhile ago] there was footage of the USN destroying a pirate vessel, with an auto cannon [20-25mm?]. Q1: has anybody actually heard of anyone electively using a .50cal to destroy a vessel instead of an autocannon weapon option? if your gunna trust it as your asymmetric defence system then surely it would be good enough? i predict nobody has..... Q2: the RAN is great at PR pics of .50cal shoots, every exercise has them. but how many crates of ammo does it take to sink a stationary illegal fishing boat with a .50cal? extrapolate that to a few fast moving armoured bomb-boats. i cant see that the RAN is serious.
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