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Subject: Oh dear Combet has a new job...where to for procurement now?
Volkodav    2/27/2009 9:07:54 PM
Greg Combet - Member for Charlton Text size: Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Parliament House Office PO Box 6022 House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Tel:(02) 6277 4771 Fax:(02) 6277 8549 Email:Email Greg Charlton Electorate Office Suite 7, Level 1 342 Main Road Cardiff NSW 2285 Toll Free:1300 301 798 Tel:(02) 4954 2611 Fax:(02) 4954 2655 Biography The Hon Greg Combet AM MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Procurement and Member for Charlton, is married to Petra and they have 3 children. Mr Combet grew up in western Sydney and worked as a trades assistant, in coal mining, and in a range of community organisations. He has university degrees in mining engineering and economics. He also has a graduate diploma in labour relations and the law. Mr Combet joined the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) in 1993 and was leader of the ACTU from 1999 to 2007. In his work at the ACTU, Mr Combet oversaw numerous national wage cases to secure pay rises for low-paid Australian workers. Mr Combet also led the union movement in the high profile 1998 waterfront dispute, the union campaign that secured employee entitlements for 16,000 workers after the collapse of Ansett, and the campaign that secured a multi-billion dollar settlement for Australian asbestos victims from James Hardie. Mr Combet is a former director of Members Equity Bank and the $30 billion fund Australian Super. He was awarded a member of the Order of Australia in 2006. On 25 February 2009, Greg was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change. He was previously Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Procurement.
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gf0012-aust       2/27/2009 9:25:12 PM
dunno, but its apparent that garret and wong are out of their depth as well.  he was (unfort) the most logical choice to shore them up
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Volkodav       2/27/2009 10:52:11 PM
You could almost call him a band aid instead of a parliamentary secretary.
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