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Subject: Hypothetical post Vietnam ADF reorganisation
Volkodav    7/19/2009 10:17:16 AM
Post Vietnam the ADF was for all intents and purposes gutted. What if, instead of cutting defence during the 70's we had a long hard look at our new need to effectively defend our selves in light of the US Guam Doctorine. Projects that were canned in the 70's after progressing to a varying degrees are: Strategic airlift - C-141 or C-5 Supersonic lead in fighter trainer - CAC-101 or Jaguar Replacement advanced trainer - Hawk Strategic/Tactical recon - RF-4C or RF-111 Multi-role fighter - F-4E Air superiority fighter - F-14 or F-15 Tanker - KC-135 Attack helo - AH-1 Cobra Carrier - Eagle and / or Hermes eventually 3 STO/VL carriers Total of 23 - upto 10 DDL or FFG-7 or Tromp, 3 Adams, 6 River, and ? Amazons? AOE - Protector LST - 6 australian designed LST instead of smaller LCH Logistics ship - 1 12000t ship inplace of Tobruk SAM - HAWK SPG - M-109 These are the ones I know of and I don't doubt there were others. Other suggestions I heard but haven't read anything on were: the Leopard AS-1's going to the Cavalry and Mech Inf Btn's with Leopard 2's being bought for 1 Armoured Regt. Marders, Geopards and Marder/Roland being bought to harden the land force. G-3, HK-21E, MG-3, G-8 and G-33/53 to replace SLR, AR, M-60, SMLE Sniper, and M-16/F-1. Mirage being replaced with a mix of 50 F-15's and 50 Harriers What ideas do the rest of you have?
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