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Subject: New Multi-Role Helicopter (MRH-90) Display - Blamey Sq - 27 Nov 09
gf0012-aust    11/26/2009 2:38:12 AM
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning, DEFGRAM 750/2009 details the landing and display of one of the new ADF MRH-90 Helicopters in Blamey Square on Friday, 27th November 2009 from 1000. To ensure the landing zone is kept clear leading up to the scheduled arrival, vehicle entry and exit points at the bottom of Blamey Square will be closed from 2000, Thursday, 26th Nov 09 and reopened following the aircraft's departure at approximately 1330. Personnel will need to consider alternate drop off/collection points during the scheduled closure. There will also be temporary traffic disruptions along Russell Drive and Kings Ave during the MRH-90's landing (1000) and departure (1330). The Australian Red Cross Blood Donor mobile will temporarily relocate to the paved area near the roundabout behind R1 and R2. The service will continue to operate as per advertised times (Fri, 27 Nov 09 - 0900-1400). The MRH-90 Helicopter will be available for viewing by the Defence Community and general public between 1100-1300.
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