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Subject: Australia takes 2nd place in the Quality of Life Index 2010
Aussiegunneragain    1/8/2010 3:31:32 AM
Australia takes 2nd place in the Quality of Life Index 2010 Australia has taken second place in the Quality of Life Index 2010, an annual list compiled by regarded lifestyle magazine International Living. Second only to France, Australia was considered ideal for its 'active and healthy' lifestyle, temperate climate and large beaches. Our quality health care system, infrastructure, stable economic environment, and relative avoidance of the recent Global Financial Crisis noted in the report. Australia's strong economy has drawbacks for travellers and aspiring emigrants as a strong Aussie dollar has made holidays expensive for visitors. Our cost of living is considered cheaper than some other major cities around the world, according to the index. France ranked first in the index for a fifth year in a row, citing its unsurpassable 'bon vivant' lifestyle and world class health care system as major attractions. The country's high taxes and a confusing bureaucracy were also mentioned. Rather than calculating countries with the best value for money, the Quality of Life Index aims to order global destinations according to their positive lifestyle qualities by taking nine categories into consideration: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate. Quality of Life Index 2010 – The Top 10 1. France 2. Australia 3. Switzerland 4. Germany 5. New Zealand 6. Luxembourg 7. United States 8. Belgium 9. Canada 10. Italy
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Le Zookeeper    Corrections needed   1/8/2010 3:05:59 PM
Bad list as Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden & Norway should be there in top 10. US is easily out of this list, last ranking was 13. Italy should be out too. Canada should be higher, and Australia should have a footnote(don't believe anything from Australia).
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hairy man       1/8/2010 7:06:47 PM
Oh.  And to what countries would that footnote not apply?
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Le Zookeeper    Hairy this list is more like top 10 full of hot air countries   1/8/2010 8:19:43 PM

Oh.  And to what countries would that footnote not apply?

1) France - Full of it
2) Australia- ditto
3) Switzerland- you trust those bankers?
4) Germany- another big mouth
5) New Zealand- actually no complaints
6) Lux- well its too low key to comment
7) US- would u buy our bonds we will pay u back - lol
8) Belgium- their chocolates actually beat swiss chocolate
9) Canada- no complaints
10) Italy- talk talk talk, just like Aussies - do they ever shut up!!
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FJV    Missing essential factors.   1/9/2010 6:58:06 AM
Belgium- their chocolates actually beat swiss chocolate
And the Belgians brew most of the finest beers in the world.

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Aussiegunneragain       1/9/2010 8:42:06 AM

Belgium- their chocolates actually beat swiss chocolate

And the Belgians brew most of the finest beers in the world. 

I'd have to agree. I did a tour of Flanders out of Bruge that heavily featured beer and chocolates and couldn't get enough of it (I also did the WW1 battlefields tour, awesome). Nice place regional Flanders, except for the weather. I've been led to believe that Brussels and Wallonia aren't as nice though.
The other places on the list that have visited are France, Germany, the US and Italy. I wasn't so fussed on France but that was more to do with the rudeness of the French in Normandy/Brittany than anything else. I was indifferent to Paris but I didn't get down south and believe that it is somewhat different, I must go there one day. Actually I'm surprised that it tops the list, given the level of structural unemployment and the conflicts with the Muslim community.
Germany I liked a lot but that was mainly for the historical attractions. I don't know enough about what it is like to live there so I can't really judge.
I loved Italy, those people know what life is about and the womena are hot! I can imagine myself living there and even tolerating high degree of disorganisation.
With the US it is hard to make an overall judgement because it is so diverse, they would have been better breaking it down to states or even cities. I'd happily live in Northern California, New York City or Boston for a while, even if the last two are bloody cold in winter. I'm not a country boy but the parts of Wyoming and Montana that I visited were very nice if that is what you like. Not fussed on Nevada, Las Vegas was good to visit once but that is it and Reno is a boring. The bits of Washington that I visited were pretty bleak, except for Georgetown which was lovely. New Orleans was an excellent place to visit but too scary to live in.
Over all if I was going to live somewhere other than here then Northern California and Italy would take the cake, though I'd consider some developing nations like Thailand as well.
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Le Zookeeper    Some surprises for AG   1/9/2010 3:42:59 PM
I lived in Northern CA- its great but I also lived in Texas, and that was a ball too. Actually places in Texas like Dallas, El Paso are more fun for singles. American South is really a fun friendly place if u get over the stereotypes of Bush voters gone amok. In fact the happiest cities in US are Louisiana, El Paso & Laredo in Texas. U kind of have to hangout there for a bit before u get into the swing. California gives immediate visual and weather gratification  but its like most big cities, slow to make friends.
ANd developing countries u missed the biggest party secret of all - Indonesia, away from Jakarta and Bali its actually an Australian hiding spot for those in the know according to a sailor friend of mine.
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