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Subject: Hypothetical: The Communists rather than the military take over Indonesia in 1967
Volkodav    3/18/2010 7:49:02 AM
One of the main reasons Suharto took power in Indonesia was to prevent a Communist coup. The military take over was followed by a bloody purge against communists and socialist through out the country. These events were a major plus for Australian security, allowing us to reduce defence spending and capability as well as to seriously consider the DOA model as we now had Indonesia as a buffer against the domino effect. How ever, had the Communists seized power in 1967, instead of the military, is it possible that both Australia and Indonesia would be better off today? My thinking is that would have forced us to, not only, maintain a strong defence force, but to evolve it into a modern high tech force to counter the much larger, USSR equiped force to our north. We would have been forced to develop high tech industries to support the ADF and would have had to channel our inovational skills into being the best we could be just to survive, think Taiwan, South Korea, Israel. Best of all when the USSR cumbled in the late 80's Communist Indonesia would have softened and likely embraced democracy as many other communist states have, becoming an even better neighbour than they are today as they would have been free of the insidious Wahabi zealots that are behind so much of the violence we have seen in recent years.
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