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Subject: Hypersonic plane passes latest test
gf0012-aust    3/22/2010 4:15:27 AM
compliments of aunty - who can't tell the difference between a plane and a multi stage pad launch.... :) Hypersonic plane passes latest test Posted 1 hour 47 minutes ago RELATED STORY: London to Sydney 'in five hours' on new jet RELATED STORY: Test rocket lifts off from Woomera RELATED STORY: Woomera launch off with five seconds to go The Federal Government says Australian and US defence scientists have successfully tested a hypersonic aircraft for the second time in South Australia's outback. The aircraft soared through the atmosphere at more than 5,000 kilometres per hour after taking off from the Woomera Test Range. The experiment was first conducted in May last year and more tests are planned. Hypersonic flight could potentially allow people to travel between Sydney and London in just two hours.
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