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Subject: What a whacky election it will be
Aussiegunneragain    3/26/2010 11:06:46 PM
I was just thinking what a whacky federal election it is likely to be this year. From what I can see the best thing that could happen for the Liberal Party is that Tony Abbott is completely annihalated, so that they get rid of him and replace him with somebody decent next term. If he does ok then Rudd is likely to be knifed by Gillard next term and while I don't agree with her ideologically, I have to agree that she is politically formidable and more competent than the rest of the class of clowns she works with. An Abbott/Gillard matchup in 2013 would probably go very badly for the Liberals and leave them in opposition for a very long time. That is why as somebody who has just moved back to a marginal Labor seat in Brisbane I'm voting for Labor in the reps this election for the first time ever, though for the Liberals or some minor party/independents (but not the Greens!) in the Senate to f*ck the ALP's averages in getting any stupid legislation through. The only comfort that I can draw is that real Labor voters are in more of a bind than I am. It is in their interest for Rudd to do badly but win, so that Gillard has a reason to take over before he completely screws things up for them. However, they can't risk changing their vote to Abbott to try and engineer this as it might lose the ALP the election. Small mercies.
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