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Subject: US Health Care
Barracuda    4/3/2010 10:07:22 AM
Ladies & Gents I have been reading the US page in regards to the infamous Obamacare. As you imagine that argument has become quite rabid and to be honest once it goes that way I get bored easily and turn off. However because I do every now and then teach the young minds of this great nation, which includes USA 1917-41, I was hoping for some non partisan information, so I could at least have some sort of informed opinion. From what I understand the current system is based around solely private insurance ... you require good insurance to get state of the art treatment and if you have no insurance you get only basic healthcare. Now based on that understanding, if it is that way, could someone explain the folowing 1. Does Obama plan to implement a national system like our Medicare and would it be suplemented by private insurance similar to Australia. 2. The USA has state of the art medical facilities, why not let all of its citizens use it. 3. Is the main opposition to this plan based on the USA philosophy of "rugged individualism" 4. Does the US right wing still have a view of total non government interference in the economy, despite various government intervention since FDR presidentcy. 5. Would the main problem be to implemention not be the financial consideration but a more idealogical to the average US politician. Could all the answers be formated so an old foxhound can understand it. If you are a septic don't get upset by what we say about your great country ... just deal with it. Cheers
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