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Subject: Defence Forces banned from wearing berets
Volkodav    8/20/2010 7:12:31 AM
By staff writers From: August 20, 2010 3:10PM SPOT the Special Forces soldiers - they're the only ones in the berets. The ABC reports today the Defence Force has banned Australian soldiers from wearing traditional berets. Australian Defence Association spokesman Neil James told the ABC the ban would not apply for Special Forces or on ceremonial occasions. The reasons for the ban include worries about exposure to the sun and ensuring the rightful place of the traditional slouch hat, Mr James told the ABC. "Look I think it's a reasonably unpopular measure to an extent," Mr James said. Mr James warned that wearing a slouch hat inside a tank could be problematic. Read more:
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Aussie Diggermark 2       8/22/2010 7:59:04 AM
1. Berets have been banned in part because of sun protection issues. Special Forces obviously have superior means of sun protection than the Regular Army so they are allowed to keep theirs.
2. Special Forces, according to the chief of Army have a "central element of values, culture and underlying ethos' that comes from earning the right to wear a beret". Meaning of course that Special forces have earned theirs. Regular Army has not... 

3. Neil James is a moron. One does not wear a slouch hat nor a beret inside a tank. One wears a bush hat or a helmet. If this is his the best he can come up with, when this decision is clearly a slap in the face of the Regular Army, that has been dreamed up  by some prick in AHQ that obviously was not allowed to wear a beret during his service, than he doesn't deserve to speak on behalf of any defence issues.
This decision is an absolute joke and is going to have a DEFINITE effect on morale, no matter how petty it might seem to those whose "service" requires them to live at the pointy end of ivory towers...
No doubt a memo will soon be sent around the DRN by the Chief of Army banning anyone in uniform from criticising this decision.  God only knows the amount of staff work and time allocated to such a weighty decision by various CSM/SSM and RSM types, who are truly focussed on the "big" picture... 
One does wonder though, if sun protection for the Australian Army and it's personnel is such a big issue, why does the polyester uniform have short sleeves?

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Volkodav       8/22/2010 9:18:08 AM
Ironically in my day the wearing of slouch hats was banned for all vehicle drivers as it restricted vision while driving and for infantry in the field as it wasnt DPCU.
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gf0012-aust       8/23/2010 6:43:16 PM
this is old news though, so I am wondering why its surfaced again....
I guess the army surplus store near enoggerah will now be stocking ggiggle hats instead for emergencies...
I was up there a while back and my uniformed partner in crime had forgotten his head gear, he bought a beret from the shop as emergency head dress...
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Aussie Diggermark 2       8/24/2010 8:45:50 AM
Chief of Army only just sent the order out last week. ASOD's (Army standing order - dress) is being officially updated at present and is to be released next month, with the new banning of berets...
A mate of mine is thinking about submitting a RODUM and then a Comcare complaint on his polyester uniform, because his arms keep getting sunburnt on parade... 

I suggested he go one further if he's going to put himself in the CSM's firing line anyway....
RODUM the KFF (slouch hat), and submit a Comcare complaint, arguing the brim isn't wide enough and isn't providing him with sufficient sun protection. 
Perhaps Army will be forced to move onto sombrero's???
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Cadre_noir    RODUM Submission   8/25/2010 5:44:03 AM
VTIC. As a serving member, I have noted that my right ear often gets burnt on the parade ground. Perhaps that could be added onto an AC563.
In addition, polyester, by its very nature is extremely flamable, the risks of burns defies restrictions.
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Volkodav       8/25/2010 7:44:39 AM
OMG I'm having visions of Auscam and kkarki burkas.
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Cadre_noir       8/26/2010 6:28:45 AM
Burqas. I would suggest we all get issued two, one black and one white. The black being for winter as it absorbs heat, and the other white for the summer as it helps reflect the sun....
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