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Subject: Exercise Hamel
Aussiegunneragain    9/28/2010 7:51:46 PM
This exercise will involve 6000+ service personel (i.e. division level) exercise including amphibious landings from the Manora and the Kannibla. On the news they said its the biggest ever conducted by the ADF. Its good to see that the ADF seems to be taking its primary regional intervention scenario seriously. I'll look forward to reading the post exercise report in Army. ______________________________________________________________________ MSPA 446/10 Monday, 20 September 2010 North Queensland Readies for Exercise Hamel The wider Townsville region will play host to more than 6000 soldiers, sailors and airmen and airwomen next month with the start of Exercise HAMEL - the most complex training activity ever undertaken by the Australian Army.   While most of the troop activity will take place in the Townsville Field Training Area to the west of Townsville, the Royal Australian Navy will conduct beach landings at Cowley Beach as part of the exercise, and Royal Australian Air Force aircraft and personnel will conduct operations from RAAF Base Townsville.   "Exercise Hamel is a large and very demanding exercise that is designed to enhance the Army's ability to fight and operate in a modern, complex battlespace," said Brigadier John Frewen.   "It reflects the Army's commitment to world class training, to prepare our troops for service both at home and overseas on operations."   As the Director for Exercise Hamel, BRIG Frewen said priorities have been placed on ensuring both the local community and the environment are well looked after.   "Throughout the course of the exercise a large number of troops will move through North Queensland. Through community consultation and liaison with various local government organisations we have been working to minimise any disruption, as well as making sure that our land use plan offers us sustainable choices to take the best possible care of the environment." Media contact: Defence Media Liaison: 02 6127 1999 or 0408 498 664. Up to the minute information on Australian Defence Force operations is now available on Twitter at
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Aussiegunneragain    The amphibious op   9/28/2010 7:54:40 PM
I wonder if they are going to have any warships provide naval fire support?

HMAS Manoora targets Exercise Hamel

31 August 2010" width="125" border="0" />

The ship?s company of HMAS Manoora

(CMDR Stephen Dryden), have been burning the midnight oil in preparation for the most challenging Work up (WUP) and Unit Readiness Evaluation (URE) possibly ever undertaken by either of the RAN?s Amphibious ships (LPA).


Lieutenant (LCDR) Bill Canna said that following a period of extended maintenance ?In War and Peace? is ready for her WUP and URE, which will be conducted during Exercise HAMEL later this month.

?This is a new two phase WUP, beginning with a ?famine, fire and flood? style work up, before our URE during EX HAMEL, which is a Joint and Combined amphibious exercise that aims to develop and evaluate the foundation war-fighting skills of Army?s 3 Brigade and key enablers,? he said.

?What this means is that we will go through our URE, in company with HMAS Kanimbla, as a full blown amphibious operation, which I don?t think either of the RAN LPA?s have done before.?

LCDR Canna said Manoora?s unique WUP/URE directly relates to the new Fleet Operating Concept which aims to maximise training, evolve tactics, and to refine approaches to high-end war-fighting.

?EX HAMEL will also be an eye-opener for Sea Training Group to actually see Manoora full to the brim with 600 troops and scores of army vehicles, instead of just imagining the way it would look during a Damage Control scenario,? he said.

EX HAMEL will also allow Manoora?s ship?s company to validate lessons learnt from Exercise SEA LION and Exercise CROIX DU SUD, which were conducted

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