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Subject: Status update
DropBear    10/9/2010 4:04:40 PM
Guys, Just wondered if any of you who may know or forum-chat with Andrew McLaughlin (author of Hornets Down Under) can give an update on if/when he will release a book on the RAAF F-111? My undersanding was that he would write one and that it would come about post-2010 retirement of the Pig. Any inside goss? Curious.
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gf0012-aust       10/9/2010 4:26:13 PM
I'll ask him.  He has been a bit quiet since selling off his interest in AA.
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DropBear       10/9/2010 5:08:14 PM
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Aussiegunneragain       10/9/2010 9:07:01 PM
I do know that there is a shiny big special edition of one of the aviation mags dedicated to the Pig on the news stands at the moment. I can't remember which one, but it should jump out at anybody who visits a news agent with a decent aviation section.
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gf0012-aust    Update   10/10/2010 3:53:06 AM

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he's not doing one. he reckons that RAAF are releasing their own.
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DropBear       10/10/2010 6:19:04 AM
All I see is a black flatline in your response.
Must be a case of forum fuzzies.
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gf0012-aust    Update   10/10/2010 6:53:57 AM

He's not doing one on the pigs.  he reckons that RAAF will be releasing one themselves later.  No time frame though.

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DropBear       10/10/2010 9:53:36 AM
Ok, thanks.
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