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Subject: Final Public Flyover of the Mighty Pig
DropBear    12/2/2010 11:15:16 AM
Folks, end of an era today. The RAAF F-111 will do a final hurrah over SE Qld. For local folk, you can get a glimpse at the following times... The F-111s will take off from Amberley about 11.20am before passing over Laidley, Ipswich, Rosewood and Brisbane by about 11.50am. The group will then split with one contingent flying a northern route over Sandgate, Redcliffe, Bribie Island, Caloundra, Maroochydore and Noosa by 12.05pm. The second group will pass over the Gold Coast, Coolangatta, Byron Bay and Evans Head by 12.15pm. source: h**p://
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DropBear       12/2/2010 11:24:21 AM
Thought I'd plonk up one of my favourite pics of the old Pig." width="1600" border="0" />
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SteveJH       12/3/2010 6:44:52 AM
They have had a busy life, a long life. They've served Australia well over the last 37 years or so.
As long as none of them end up rusting away in a paddock like those Canberra's I saw last year just outside Amberly i'll be happy.
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DropBear       12/3/2010 8:57:32 AM
The ABC website says 4 will go to museums and 17 to be scrapped. Sad that more couldn't be given to museums.
I reckon they should have done the following: one for a gate guardian at Amberley, one to RAAF Point Cook, one to AWM Canberra, one for a public park in Ipswich, one to be placed next to the Southern Cross at Eagle Farm and then let any of the museums around Oz bid to get the remainders.
Not like we are gagging for the money that will come from scrapping them. This is what happened to the B-58 Hustler. History scrapped, bar a few examples. Pfft!
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Aussiegunneragain       12/3/2010 7:57:22 PM
I saw it from the roof of Valley Metro, it was awesome. There were three Pigs and two SH's flying over the Story Bridge and two more pigs flying closer to us, probably about 500 metres away. It was a good memory but a shit of a day to forget the camera! I'm also as jealeous as hell of those people who did the Story Bridge adventure climb that day!
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DropBear       12/4/2010 4:38:07 AM
New book just out..." width="200" border="0" />
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brizzydude       12/5/2010 5:46:18 AM
Saw this from an apartment in Coolangatta.....  i heard the noise and rushed out but missed the F-111's....  but a minute or so later 2 x SH's belted past and banked around towards Surfers.  Even the wife thought it was impressive.
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