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Subject: Tigers in Libya
dazedandconfused    5/26/2011 1:17:25 AM
The French are deploying 12 Tigers to operate over? Libya. Would/could the ADF send personell to observe their deployment and operation? Could be a sweet gig, wine, cheese and choppers!
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weps1       9/6/2012 1:48:14 AM
Sweet gig yes. Pointless exercise, definitely. The most abusive language I have ever heard on a radio circuit was from one of our test pilots flying, or attempting to fly, a Tiger out at Woomera. Lets just say that it sounded like it was the worst experience he had ever had. Also our Tigers can't fly in Afghanistan anyway. Not enough engine power to handle the altitude with any meaningful payload, like actual weapons and ammunition. Another brilliant decision by DMO, to buy the cheaper less powerful engine option.
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