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Subject: Coalition Defence Policy
Kirkzzy    9/21/2011 9:07:12 PM well well well... :D
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Aussiegunneragain       9/22/2011 10:53:52 PM" target="_blank">link

well well well... :D

Going with extra Super Hornets would be a good idea I think, it would reduce the operational risks associated with F-35 delays and mitigate future block obsolescence by spreading out the F-35/whatever is next buy. Brendan Nelson got criticised a lot for the original buy (including by Me), but he has turned out to have made a very good decision.
Suggesting, OTS subs is another smart move. The RAN and ASC can't even run its existing Collins Class fleet to an acceptable standard, so they have a snowflakes chance in hell of doing a good job building the most advanced diesal electrics ever. I reckon the ALP will ditch that idea anyway, we can't afford it in the current climate and they won't want to lumber themselves with another white elephant. 
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Cyrus       2/28/2012 11:43:19 PM
I would look at the viability of the F-15 silent eagle over the F-18 super hornets and maybe a squadron of B-1 lancers as a direct replacment for the F-111's
As for the subs I dont know I would prefer nukes to smaller deisel electric subs
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hairy man       3/8/2012 12:10:18 AM
I like both ideas.  But I cant see the US parting with enough Lancers for the RAAF to form a squadron with.  And we already have chosen the F18/F over the F15, so I cant see that happening now, but I would like to see it happen.
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Cyrus       3/8/2012 1:02:34 AM
They offered the lancer once before
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dogberry       3/22/2012 1:26:56 PM
Was there a major die off in the Australian forum last summer?    An EMT event, or a plague?
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dogberry       4/7/2012 6:01:25 PM
Probably an EMP rather than an EMT.   My spelling could use an copy editor.
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