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Subject: pakistan army better than indian army!!
G3A3 7.62mm    4/9/2005 6:53:23 PM
Their is no comparsion between india and pakistan. Pakistan army is more modernize than the indian army. paks also have better weaponry and traning. So what if the indian army is bigger in numbers pakstan has fought 3 wars with india pak won 2 of the 3 wars if my sources are correct. Indian army general say they can take over pakistan in a couple of weeks they tried it in 1965 and failed they will fail again. Pakistan army has quailty indian army has quainty. Any comments my indian buddy's
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Sunny    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/9/2005 7:45:02 PM
Well, first of all I would say that you should first learn how to spell and talk properly in English!! Secondly, you're totally wrong...India won 3/3 wars not 2/3. And, India can take Pakistan easily. You're so stupid your country starts the war, loses, and then tries to fight again after a few years. Come on, you should have self respect! Unfortuanetly, your "military" is not that much less in numbers than India's as you have those idiots sent in Kashmir, OUR Kashmir! You control them!
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GautKaps    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/9/2005 8:52:50 PM
Sunny, What did u expect when a medrassah bred Jehadi gets on an English forum... I just cant comprehend it-Doesnt any pakistani have absolutely anysense at all...Has the local Mullah brainwashed these punks so much... If you had won all the wars besides 1971(!) the Pakis wud have no reason to complain abt KAshmir or anything else..... Or would the Pakis play ignorant and build those castles in the air!
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G3A3 7.62mm    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/9/2005 11:35:18 PM
sunny u are a duma$$ we kicked india's a$$ in 1948,1965and 1999 and we will do it again. U do not have any military knowlege at all dont even answer back u lost your privilge to talk. Pakistan will bomb india into submision and then launch a ground assualt. do u have any idea how advance the paf is we will shout down thouse migs like flys and india will lose airsuperiorty. and thats how pakistan will win not from the ground but from the air. Go do some research on the indian military and see how crapy your weaponry is.
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coolboyjay    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/10/2005 12:39:35 AM
>>Pakistan will bomb india into submision << And how exactly are u going to do that? with the Mirage III's and V's u have got? What a joke. Gautkaps u were rite.. what else can u expect from a madrassa educated paki
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takeiteasy    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/10/2005 1:23:35 AM
If Pk has stronger military than india, then wy Mr. Mushy was begging for dialogue with india when the BJP govt was not at all willing to talk. And why Mr.Mushy was open in saying that Pk will use nukes if India uses military force in 2002 standoff. And produce me any instrument of surrender proving pk victory. If kargil was pk victory then why you r not in kargil now. If u r that stronge ,how was it that after all these years of hostility towards india u were not able to take kashmir. If pk was stronger than India , with all its mad obsession with Kashmir , it would have easily grabed kashmir. If pk military was stronger why u lost east pakistan, why Mr.Bhutto come to beg for those 90,000 shameless soulders. Yaa PK military is stronger in a sence that it has to take care of running of the nation as well. So it has more decision making power than India military has.
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SwordFish_13    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/10/2005 3:43:19 AM
Hi, G3 Thanks for the Laugh .......... Never the less :-) Ok if you want to talk Superior Weponary and Traning can you elobrate the Weponary and how it is Superior ? What traning a Pakistani Solder gets and how do you Know it's Superior To what an Indian Solder Gets ?
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Sunny    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/10/2005 11:46:19 AM
QUOTE (takeiteasy): Yaa PK military is stronger in a sence that it has to take care of running of the nation as well. ...and those so-called freagin jihadis.
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Gladiator    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/10/2005 2:38:03 PM
Pakistan's army can annhiliate the indian army. India is a cowardly nation. one pakistani soldier = 100 indian soldiers or more in kargil, one pakistani commando gunned down over 100 indian soldiers even the indians said to the pakistanis to give this soldier a medal
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GautKaps    RE:pakistan army better than indian army!!   4/10/2005 3:03:44 PM
Look at this math instead... 1500 Indian Soldiers>=93000 Paki soldiers /*Bangaladesh created*/ 3000 Indian soldiers>186000 Paki soldiers /*Pakhtunistan created*/ forgotten 1971 eh!!!!
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LOL! I though this thread was a joke! are you guys serious? Indian will destroy pakistan so called army! yur so proud of yur 20 f-16A's? Wen India is running Su-30's and t-90's in large numbers. Al-Khalid is a weak t-80. Indias number are far greater and armed better
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