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Subject: Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters
Linkin Park    6/3/2005 5:22:31 AM
Pakistan has begun the long planned upgrade of its Air-Force with a formal request to get 75 F-16. This request should be easily passed in the american congress as combined might of 125 F-16 will now become the center piece of the Pakistan's Air Force. But Pakistan is also going to look and acquire several other fighters from France or Sweden. And the backbone of the Pakistan's Air-Force is its excellent air-craft the JF-17. The JF-17 is superior to India's LCA (Last Chance Air-Craft) in every aspect. With 150 JF-17, 125 F-16 and other 50 Modern Fighters from NATO countries, Pakistan's Air-Force will become one of the most powerful in Asia and a powerful deterrent to any foreign aggression on its soil. Pakistan Submits Formal Request To Buy 75 Upgraded Block 50/52 F-16s May 29, 2005: Pakistan has submitted its request to buy 75 new and upgraded F-16C/D Falcon fighter aircraft after the Bush administration announced it would resume sales, said US Defence Security Cooperation Agency head Air Force Lt-General Jeffrey Kohler on Wednesday. Kohler told reporters in Washington that Pakistan had also asked about buying 11 used F-16s. Earlier press reports said Pakistan was seeking to buy only 24 then 55 F-16s. But the numbers cited by Kohler suggest that Pakistan wants to make the F-16 a mainstay of its combat aircraft fleet. As part of the Pakistan Air Force’s fleet modernization program, Pakistan is also buying the JF-17 Thunder light fighter aircraft jointly developed by China and Pakistan. Pakistan has ordered 150 JF-17s. The JF-17 is a Mach 1.6-Mach 2 aircraft, with advanced avionics and excellent handling capability. Although it is not in the same league as fourth- and fifth-generation western fighters like the F-16 Block 50/52 or the French Mirage 2000-5, it is more than a match for India’s indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) that is expected to be the mainstay of the Indian Air Force in the future. At $ 15 million per copy, the JF-17 is also much cheaper than the F-16. The F-16C/D Block 50/52 sells for $ 40 million to $ 45 million each, depending on avionics and other options. So 75 of these F-16s would cost Pakistan between $ 3 billion to $ 3.375 billion. As against this, 150 JF-17s will cost Pakistan $ 2.25 billion, in nominal terms. But the net cost to Pakistan will be considerably less. Under the terms of the income-sharing formula agreed between the Chinese manufacturer, Chengdu Aircraft Group of Companies, and the PAF’s Aircraft Factory at Kamra (which will supply manpower, aircraft components and other inputs), 50 per cent of the proceeds from all JF-17 sales will come to Pakistan as its share. Thus, the net cost to Pakistan of the JF-17s ordered by the PAF could be reduced by as much as $ 7.5 million per copy, bringing the cost of the aircraft down to $ 7.5 million — for a total net price tag of $ 1.125 billion for 150 J-17s. Kohler said that Pakistan had requested prices for F-16c/D Block 50/52 aircraft, the most modern F-16s flown by the United States Air Force and the current production standard. He said similar aircraft have been exported to Poland, Greece, Chile, Oman and Israel. Only the United Arab Emirates flies a more advanced variant, Block 60, with improved radar, defence and range. The UAE acquired eighty Block 60 F-16s under a deal with the American manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, concluded in 2000, at a total contract price of $ 8 billion, or $ 100 million per plane. But this price tag included the cost of missile systems fitted to the aircraft. The US was initially reluctant to supply the missile systems. But it agreed to do so after UAE officials said they were not interested in buying the F-16s if the deal did not include the missile systems. Kohler said he had held arms-sales talks with Pakistani Defence Ministry officials last month. He said, "I think when we go back and talk to them about the cost of the new systems my guess is that they will downsize slightly the request for new aircraft and may increase slightly the used." A team of executives from Lockheed Martin’s F-16 assembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas, is due in Islamabad shortly to discuss the proposed sale. Meanwhile, the good news from Pakistan’s point of view is that the Chinese Air Force has now also decided to buy 200 JF-17s, in a deal that could be worth up to $ 3 billion. Under the income-sharing formula agreed between the two countries, Pakistan’s share of revenue from the sale to the Chinese Air Force could total as much as $ 1.5 billion, making the deal an important new source of foreign currency earnings for this country. Moreover, the sale to the Chinese Air Force is expected to greatly boost the prospects for the JF-17 on the world market. Sales to other countries would substantially add to Pakistan’s foreign currency earnings in the years ahead, which would help to reduce its trade gap and improve its balance of payments. China and Pakistan tested the first
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PeregrinePike    RE:Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters   6/3/2005 9:47:41 AM
Hey, Linkin... why just stop at "income sharing" with the Chinese? I am sure the Chinese brains and Pakistani brawns can come up with even better "sharing schemes".
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PeregrinePike    RE:Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters   6/7/2005 6:56:58 PM
"The JF-17 is superior to India's LCA (Last Chance Air-Craft) in every aspect." I am no expert in the field of combat aircrafts, but in the field of geo-politics it is certainly superior in @ss-kissing!!! It has a Russian engine, a Chinese body, and a Pakistani name... that should cover all your bases and still have a flying machine ;-)
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hinduatma    RE:Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters   6/11/2005 2:28:01 AM
If u look at international political scenario,India faced severe political pressure from variuos quarters to slow down on its LCA project.Delay was also attributed to Sanctions imposed in India during Nuclear tests.Coming to JF-17.I suspect how much indegenious the program seems.Actually many international defence experts feel that china actually does the main technology developemnt and pakistan is readily buying it.But again ,its an opinion and is not officially confirmend.May be full lenght war only would prove the combat ability of JF17
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hinduatma    RE:Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters   6/11/2005 2:32:39 AM
when are JF17 expected to be in arsenal.Is the deadline given.I hope Buying is very different from selling.Developing a technology needs a great amount of effort Hope One recognises that fact .Its very simple to change names,not build your own.May be today we have strong economy and defence.It has been built purely on our ingenuinity and commitment to our nation(India),Hope pakistan seeks to develop by shunning age old policies of hatred.
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coolboyjay    RE:JF-17 what a great fighter!!   6/11/2005 4:03:25 AM
yups guys.. its a "great" fighter.. a top speed of 1.6 mach.. even a Mig 21 bis would outrun it.. Anything more to add about the greatness of the JF-17??
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vinuatlast    Sky hawk ..Man u seriously have no knowledge..Su-30MKI v/s JF-17's no competition   6/18/2005 7:36:12 PM
Dear oh dear ...Ur JF-17's aint gonna fly too high ...friend ...Coz they r gonna lack one main thing -The Russian A..-31 saturn engines ..this engine is the backbone of JF-17....Beacause ...China was made to sign an agreement by Russia (on the persistence of india ) that these engines dont go to a third user ....Like the End users agreement /....So the Chinese are forbidden to give u JF-17s with Russian engines ...As a result .it would be fitted with as usual substandard Chinese engines ...Thus ur JF-17's seriously lack the punch ...and our Mig-21s or Mig -27s or Mirages will be good enuff to knock those metal birds out of the air...with a good air-air missile...coz our planes can chase u around and give ur pilots some hard time.. by the way how can u compare Su-30 MKI's and JF-17s >??? Seriously dude...u need to update yourself Su-30 MKI is a state of the art technology that even the US admits. Its superiority due to the fact that it constitutes diverse parts like aveonics and radar from Western countries fitted on Russian planes . Though Russian planes are deadly enuff...These changes will make it more deadly...Do i have to make u remember the Cope India result...where f-15's were pitted against Su-30mkis... Well All indians on the board who know me ..Guys .... i am back...after a long time... Those who dont ..Hi ..fellows i am Vinay ...See ya around... oh sky hawk ...think about it...
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Terminator    Man u seriously have no knowledge..Su-30MKI v/s JF-17's no competition   6/20/2005 10:14:31 AM
This Pakistani and Chinese always blow their own trumpet. Without any Knowledge of the topic. These Pakistani Post really bad topic on this board.They Consider JF-17 as their indegeneous Aircraft.But Problem is that all technology is supplies by China . I asked Pakistani Questioned about their Indegenious Tanks and Aircraft I got no replies. These Pakistani are really useless and hopeless .
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PeregrinePike    RE:Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters   6/21/2005 10:11:52 AM
>> oh really "I am no expert in the field of combat aircrafts" then try not to say any thing without any proof << Another rabid Paki, I see... when I give that disclaimer I mean I dont grasp the significance of it being Russian or Chinese in terms of performance. But it does not mean that I am a madrassa-bred ignorant d!ckhead like you to rant without facts. >>let me tell u its cappibillities and secondly goof we are not fools like u to use russian body or machinery because we already have seen the result of ur aircrafts which hardly stand in air for 2 mins << 2 minutes - Which is all we currently need to blow you idiots out of the sky. >>u should know urself that india has the record of largest crashings in the whole world becasue of ur poor russian technology << And India is the ONLY country thats confident and free enough to publish such data... and we use it to refine our resources. If Paks revealed their crashed, you would all be clamouring for a re-union once again!!! "we always use chinese and american technology and jf 17 is an aircraft which is high tec with abn excellent avionics << Yeah, right! jf-17 is a 1950's design... long body and low wing to length ratio. and the supplied avionics are so low tech as to be the equivalents of India's Mig-21s! Lets face it... all you have are tarmac decorations waiting for Indian Jaguars to blow you to kingdom come.
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PeregrinePike    RE:Pakistan to Acquire 75 F-16 and 150 JF-17 Fighters   6/21/2005 10:13:59 AM
PS: You dont have the money to buy 76 Mig-21s forget about even subsidized F-16s... ... of course, you can probably send some one to beg some out of the junkyard, and we will be happy to send them back to your junkyard.
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PeregrinePike    RE:WE HAVE CAPABILLITY   6/30/2005 10:49:50 AM
>> WHICH PAKISTAN IS GOING TO INCREASE BY BUYING SOME MISSLES FRM USA << And why will USA sell to Pakistan? - Not much money nor benefits in patching a sinking ship. >> PAKISTAN ZINDABAD << Only way you can scratch out a living is by begging for constant aid...
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