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Subject: The elite SSG commandos of Pakistan and their blundering missions...
ATHEIST    10/12/2005 7:11:45 AM
At first their dress does stand out from the crowd of pakistani army personnel. The SSG do look like a smart third world bunch but on closer inspection reveals that despite some good shows against militants etc. and their involvement in the "Black Hawk Down" incident, they came croppers against neighbouring India. Sample these: They try to infiltrate in kashmir along with other militants to instigate a reovlution in 1965 (codenamed gibraltar) and bungle the job and are caught and mostly shot leading to initial gains for india. many too criticized (mainly inp ak) for these blunders as it started the war. the comedy of errors not being through they were sent in India for sabotage missions to india and destroy the air bases. every one of the 200 commandos is caught and either killed or driven to POW camps. so much for the covert missions of course they tried their best in 1971 to no avail with even musharraf being a commando leader then. then in 1987 they tried again with musharraf leading, err bleading the way in siachen glacier in a vain attempt to "drive" out the infidels perched on top. they got a bloody nose and were beaten back immediately. of course not one to learn from past, they try the same thing in 1999 in kargil and the results by now are known to anyone without even reading history. So friends, tell me, is this the "elite" SSG commandos that pakistan boasts of? that these nincompoops get the "respect" from their fellow citizens just because they have some snazzy shirts with matching trousers and a stupid looking beard? It's laughable at best considering the history of this tribe who have been involved in almost all the fiascos imaginable (some repetitive ones too).
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MAKS    Face the truth   3/1/2009 4:31:39 AM


is a small state with limited options and resources. But still it is giving tough time to India. As Indian claim that Pakistan?s SSG is operating in Kashmir so is mean a small number of force has manages to keep 700000 min Indian army in a small portion of land. Also if we look on the outer support to both states again India have a good support if Russian, Israel, USA and other west countries however Pakistan have a support of china who too is very  limited, other countries like USA did come to help Pakistan but only when they need it.

In spite of having lot of advantages Indian RAW which is involved in Balochistan and FATA after 9/11 yet not achieved its goals. Some people also claim that Indian army is fighting with PAK army in FATA under the label of Taliban but yet to succeed in creating isolation in locals and army.

This was very much clear after Bombay attacks when tribes decided to stand by with nation to help army in war with India. India was hoping to open two fronts for Pakistan which could not happen.

Now if we look back to the history in 65 if one can say that operation Gibraltar failed then it is not a strange thing. Friction is a part of military strategy. The way you pal it couldn?t sometimes happen. On the other hand once war was started Indian aim to concur Lahore was also not fulfilled. So if Pakistan?s pal failed then Indian also failed. The thing which I am trying to convey here is that army plan can fail so it?s not a criterion to jug their ability. As American being the world?s best army is facing problems in Afghanistan by ordinary armed and trained groups.

In 71 it was political weakness and dependency on allies which cause worst day for Pakistan. Till then Pakistan minds were convinced to achieve some thing which will cover their weaknesses and that was nuclear weapon and self-sufficiency during war in future.

In kargil, at tactical level Pakistan won but again out side pressure which always favors India put Pakistan under pressure. So again its political power collapse and they decided to leave which was achieved even being at advantageous position.

So it is which I understand as comparison of both armies. It is just what Pakistan did, what happen and why happen. Indian military involvement in other countries like Srilinka and war with china is another story of its army.






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