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Subject: Is death of Islam certain
enlighten    11/9/2005 7:20:39 PM
Recent incidents in France, Australia and Jordan indicate that there is something terribly wrong with Islam? with such suicide bombing killing innocent lives , I start hating Islam. Anybody knows what is wrong in Islam?
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PunjabiSikhWarrior    RE:Is death of Islam certain   11/10/2005 1:56:56 AM
Nothing is wrong with islam, its always been like this... its only that now they are now entering the free world; the world of the Kafir...
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PeregrinePike    RE:Is death of Islam certain   11/10/2005 8:55:12 AM
One thing is certain... there is no way in he11 you just "started hating" Islam.
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bitterjake    RE:Is death of Islam certain   11/10/2005 12:59:53 PM
I heard a report that the price of a suicide bomber in Iraq has gone up from 300USD to 5000 USD .. at this rate, being a suicide bomber is becoming a very lucrative job.. here is my question?.. does this person, who blow himself up get paid before or after the job :)
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eatmee    RE:Is death of Islam certain   11/10/2005 5:22:24 PM
Serpentine, some of your comparisons are not very good. The fact is, like punjabi said, Islam has always been like this. Its just now that when after centuries of isolation, the freeworld comes along (even thpough in a friendly way) and Islam with all its archaic/and barbaric beliefs and methods doesnt get along one bit. U see the main problem with islam is that it actually is sh1t and was designed by Tards in the first place. Its basic rules are to be muslims then try to convert everyone else to become muslims wether they like it or not, or kill them, wether they be men women or children. And they dont have honor like they try to convince you, with the film kingdom of heaven. Infact muslims back then, like now try to kill, rape , plunder and steal everything they can off of the non-believers. They call the rest of the world infadels, when in actual fact all thier sh1t is the most f00ked up infedal crap anyone can think of. ANd they profess that we(normal people) commit sins, that mabe so. But THEY Commit even bigger ones. This could be explained by the fact that thier 'GREAT ' Religion is completely contradictory. It tells them to do one load of things , and then tells them to do the complete opposite ie. though must love thier neighbour, or do not kill Then it says, OH YEAH u can kill and rape as many men women and children you want, as long as they are not muslims. Thier big aim ofcourse is to try and convert and brainwash everyone into the same sick f00ked up way they live in, and if you wont go, then they will kill you.
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career909    RE:Is death of Islam certain   11/10/2005 5:37:01 PM
religion does not die. Look at communism. It could not destroy religion in controled state.
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eatmee    RE:Is death of Islam certain   11/10/2005 6:44:37 PM
yes it does die, all religions around today will eventually die. And its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. Because the human race moves on, the world moves on to Gods (the real Gods unstoppable beat.) and one day, in one way or another all these present day religions will eventually vanish, or chance form so thier unrecognisable. You look at the ancient religions of the past, through all of human history, and you will find that all religions have thier day and then fade away. The Egyptians had a collosal religion, which even with its magnificent reminders (pyramids) built o solid rock, eventually thier religion faded away. So too that of the ancient Incas of south america, they were actually exterminated, so extermination is a way of eliminating religion. The anicient pagans and druids faded away , and thier religion even though they trying to revive it, has died. You could consider nazisim a religion, that too will never come back like it once existed. Communisim is another matter. Communism failed because it triesd to take it away, and oppressed its people as a failing system. So the onkly thing people had left to cling onto and believe in was religion, and so it re-emerged again. after the communist regimes either collapse or allow freedom. North Korea did a very good job at it though. but all religions, will eventually pass away. Not in our life time, but in another 20,000 years i dont think islam or christianty or any of the others will still be here. Because its human beings we are talking about here, a religious book might inspire some generations, but in time those teachings will be broken down and vanish with it. Because in 20,000years time so much may have happened that people will have been through so much and so much change that they wil have found other things/new religions to believe in. And no matter whatever things a religion builds to keep the world under it, books. temples of stone all will vanish in the abyss of time. nothing lasts forever. Not even the man who created it. Islam is being erroded, as it rightfully should be, to any muslim or person who lives with it, because it causes trouble and it restricts human progress, so any smart person will dump it or change it eventually. These things already happened to christianity, once thousands upon thousand went to church, now hardly anybody, because it doesnt fit in daily life well either. And Christianity changed massively, they allow many things that they once forbid, also people who diddnt like it stopped going. All that intoaccount and christianity has only existed for 2000 years, the time span of the earth is BILLIONS OF YEARS , and in just another 20,000 things will be unrecognisable becase , in 2000years things have changed into the world of today, differentt massively from when christianity first began. And if say humans died out thier religion will go with them. as certain as the dinosaurs, you go lok at the fossils in the museum. And if robots take over the world , they may have guiding code like a religion, but it wont be called 'religion' even though it is, and it wont be your religion. They will whorship the MegaRobot God or something. EXACTLY things make up and believe in thier own God for comfort and for guidance. And if religion be a product of a part of/ or function of the human mind, then it will be constantly changing , and revolving for ever. it wont keep the same thing, successive generations will believe different. AS we change through evolution, as well as the world around us. Religions will come and go, forever, that is what you can pobally say, whether they be held by Cavemen Humans, Robots or Ewoks. Try ,marilyn manson got it rigght , you believe in your own personal jesus..check it out. In short, your religion, along with and like everything else will be tossed up then settle to the ground be trodden on and crushed down under century upon century of soil and rock, into the very fabric of the erath that will disintegrate it and it will not exist any more.
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Amit from Mumbai       7/25/2007 6:39:23 AM
its not just the countries u mentioned ... where ever on planet there is a conflict which you come across through some source of media has some way or the other muslim name in it.

How different countries have been effected by islam and muslim invaders can be found through this link:

I think you all will agree to the fact if the founder of a religion was a general, who led many capaigns against other communities mainly arabs, then what else can we expect from them apart from what they are doing ...
there is a saying in hindi "poot ke paanv paalne mein dikhayidete hain"
It means: "Fate and destiny of a entity can be predicted by the way it takes birth and rises"
check this out at wikipedia:

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kane       7/25/2007 7:00:48 AM
Nothing wrong with Islam but something is definetly wrong with Muslims.I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain this but.....Muslims think everything will be fine when they die.They don't work hard and relate everything to religion.
And everything is a result of this.Do you think religion is studied hard in Europe?No most doesn't even know what they're praying at.
It's not Islam which tell people to kill it's the Muslims who gets it wrong

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kane       7/25/2007 7:02:34 AM
this religion came around 600s and took it's shape according to medieval standarts.Most Muslims couldn't advance and are still in medieval age isn't that obvious?
In Europe people reformed themselves, were they better before 16th century?

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AdvanceAustralia       7/25/2007 3:02:16 PM

this religion came around 600s and took it's shape according to medieval standarts.Most Muslims couldn't advance and are still in medieval age isn't that obvious?
In Europe people reformed themselves, were they better before 16th century?

Kane, you're quite correct in attributing at least some of Islam's problems to the Medieval period. We also call this era the "Dark Ages". This era followed the fall of the Roman Empire (and the end of the "Classical" Age) and preceded (was ended by) the Renaissance, during which Europe "reformed" or, more correctly, "renewed" itself. Reformation is more accurately used in reference to the establishment of Christian Protestantism but was probably attributable to, or at least influenced by, the Renaissance. Thus, an important element of Christianity was able to move forward in time rather than being "stuck" in time.

To answer your question, Europeans were as good (or at least had similar living standards) during the Pax Romanus. Indeed, Winston Churchill, in his tome A History of the English Speaking Peoples, made the point that after the Romans left England, the English people did not enjoy as good a standard of living again until the Industrial Revolution was well underway in the 19th Century.


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