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Subject: Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?
enlighten    1/18/2006 7:21:43 PM
Like many other previous years (Muslims died in stampede: 402 in 1987, 1426 in 1990, 270 in 1994, 340 in 1997, 118 in 1998, 14 in 2003, 35 in 2001, 251 in 2004), this year during hajj some 363 pilgrims got killed and more than 1500 have been injured by stampede at the “Stoning Satan” ritual of the final day of Hajj. In addition to this more than 76 people also died in hotel collapsing incident in Mecca. These believers of Allah (Mumeen Mussalmans) went to Mecca (House of Allah) only to appease Allah and they were pelting stone to a concrete wall (they call it Satan) to appease Allah. God/Allah of Muslims should be very happy that His believers went to near His own home to worship Him. Even the blood thirsty cruelest human being would not harm his guests when they are in his own house. Now, these stupid believers of Allah were not only Allah’s guests, but they were His devout slaves went to His house for His mercy and to appease him by their extreme piety and penance, so that they can get a place in Islamic heaven. Now could anybody tell me why on earth the so called merciful Allah could allow such dangerous stampede to happen in the first place? Why He Himself (as all Muslims do believe that only Allah can take his life) killed all those slaves or guests of Him? Is it possible that actually this stampede killing was orchestrated by the great powerful Satan himself? Because of their pelting rains over his body the Satan got angry and killed those stupid human believers of Allah, and Allah virtually could not protect his slaves. Because Allah is actually less powerful than Satan! This logic fits better to this incident, isn’t it? Historically, when devout Muslims (slaves of Allah) arrive in front of Allah’s decorated home on earth—always some slaves get killed either by stampede, or by fire, or by bomb blast, or by hotel collapsing etc. Was not Allah the Merciful, all knowing, almighty and compassionate? Then how come He can not really intervene to almost anything in the whole world? What kind of dumb and heartless deity is He? Allah/God/Baghban/Jehovah—none of them can ever intervene to anything in this earth. Here are some recent terrible incidents (where Allah/God could do absolutely nothing) which are lighting our painful memories with great pains: Where was the all powerful and merciful God when these Arab terrorists flew their aircraft and crashed them into the WTC and Pentagon building killing more than 3000 innocent humans? Earthquake in Bagram, Iran (6.7 Richter scale in, 2004) killed more than 50,000 humans when they were in their sleep during night—where was this Merciful Allah? Earthquake in Los Angeles (6.7 Richter scale, 2004) of same strength killing only 2 humans—why this utter partiality of God? Earthquake in Pakistan (8.5 Richter scale, 2005) killed hundred thousands poor but pure (pukka) Muslims. Where was the merciful Allah at that time? Tsunami in the Indian ocean killing more than 250 thousand mostly poor, destitute, innocent human beings; amongst which almost two hundred thousands were Muslims (Allah’s favorite slaves)—why Allah did not save them? Devastating Cyclone Katrina in the Gulp of Mexico destroying many cities and towns in the American south—again died a few hundreds poor Americans—why Allah did not save them? Same type of disastrous cyclone would kill in millions in the third world countries. Why this partiality? In 2005, when Golam Mostafa alias Tula Mian (a madrassha educated mullah in Bangladesh) put his seven-month old child Solaiman to sword in the delusion of performing a religious duty of Qurbani 'directed by a voice heard in dream—Why Allah did not come to intervene at all? 12 miners died in W. Virginia Sago mine. God sent thunderstorm which caused the underground explosion blocking the path through which those underground miners were receiving oxygen supply. They were dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. Thousands of Christian devotees were in church praying to Almighty, compassionate God for their safety. But God did not heed them at all. Human rescuers went down (risking their lives) in the tunnel to save those stranded miners. Relatives and friends of those stranded miners were busy praying to God for their safety. When news came (erroneous of course) that 12 miners were alive—Christian devotees were cheering, yelling and thanking God for His mercy, “Miracle, Miracle, Praise to lord God has given 12 miracles”. They were not at all thanking those poor rescuers who risked their lives to save the miners. Next moment when news was changed to just one survival—devotees started blaming those mine rescuers and management etc, but never blamed God at all. Then these poor people were chanting God has given one miracle— thanks God. Actually the guy who survived was almost dead and without modern medical miracle (created by human and not by God) this miner would have died immediately. He survived because he was the youngest and pe
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InterArmaEnimSilent    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   1/18/2006 8:19:30 PM
because the world's population has gotten too big so people need to die, to reduce it nature is correcting itself
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bladeofdharma    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   1/18/2006 9:03:52 PM
speaking of natural disators, did anyone notice this year and last have been getting a lot, or is it just me? ex: we had about 3 or more major hurricanes around floridia Tsumami flooding in India ( broke the record in Madras) Volcano (not sure where....) the hurricane that hit New Orleans the earthquake ( one that hit pak)
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Dog Tag 397572    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/5/2006 1:21:48 PM
Yes Allah the merciful did when he made Pakistan. Out of India.
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CJH    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/5/2006 3:07:17 PM
Yes, please contact these people for answers. I could answer you but they may be better at interacting with people. This is the Website of R.C. Sproul's "Renewing Your Mind" teaching ministry which seeks to bridge the gap between Sunday School and seminary in the area of systematic theology. R.C's particular type of Christian theology is reformed (Calvinist) theology although he might prefer to call it Augustinianism. An excellent Christian teaching ministry on the radio is Chip Ingram's "Living On the Edge" which operates under the umbrella of "Walk Through the Bible". Chip's forte seems to be daily Christian living(including dealing with suffering). I haven't asked them questions but they might be helpful. Then there's "Through the Bible". Their ministry's focus is getting out the Word of God by radio here and around the world but they might be able to help you. They broadcast in a number of languages spoken in India by the way. Here are some other ministries, any of which would be able to answer your questions - The Christian Research Institute Dr. D. James Kennedy's ministry Mark De Haan and Day of Discovery, etc. John MacArthur's ministry Dr. J. Allen Blair's Glad Tidings Charles Stanley's ministry Chuck Swindol's ministry Adrian Rogers (might be world's best preacher) Dr. Tony Evans
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Jawan    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/8/2006 3:00:30 AM
Islam as a religion is more than 1500 years old. At least a Billion nincompoops follow this religion. Then how the hell there are only 72 virgins up there where these scum go???? If every jerk gets himself 72 virgins after he gets martyred in jehad, what happens after he finishes with them??? I mean how many virgins are UP THERE actually?? :)) ;)
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kane    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/8/2006 4:40:30 AM
i wander where were your gods when those killings were happening?
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jean    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/8/2006 5:35:22 AM
in fact God ( or Allah) doesnot exist ....rationally speaking. But believe in him ( or her , why not) is of a paramount importance for the majority of human beings ( even for me, i must admit to be of christian culture). When you're down and out, feeling pain, etc ...believe in God is a remedy. As for the religions , it's up to all, but please that nobody try to impose me his dogma.
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Dog Tag 397572    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/10/2006 9:22:56 AM
Stop talking rubish. Stop talking about these topics because you don't know anything about them. You ignorant fool.
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Dog Tag 397572    RE:Why the Merciful Allah does not intervene?   4/10/2006 9:27:12 AM
Yes god does exist or how else would the universe exist as we know of it today. That is a good example. Think before you right crap like that. Ignorant people like you give me a headace.
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Dawana123       6/23/2009 12:18:30 AM
Hello. Ill try to answer what you wrote as best as I can. God does everything for reason. In Islam, what we believe is that God sends those natural disasters to places where much injustice has been done. Like Pakistan and LA, probably the reason for people dying is God's punishment for what they've done and the bad things they've committed and the constant injustice they have caused to other innocent people who dwelled in those places. And as far as Sept 11th and that goes, God may have done it to protect those innocent people who have been killed from living any longer because it is possible that those people may have done bad later in life and so God may have allowed this to happen to protect them. Or, again, those people who have died may have been commiting constant injustice so God may have done it as punishment. And the stampedes likewise, maybe to protect them from becoming bad people in the future or some other reason. Again, God does everything for reason and what we think is that as long as we believe in Him, no harm will come to us. So maybe He did it to protect them from becoming bad people and die as bad people. He also gives other people the opportunity to good for others as well, which is why God may have not saved them because he wants to give other people the opportunity to good because, after all, they are being tested according to the actions they've committed. So I hope what I wrote makes sense to you and if it doesn't then I do apologize but I did try to answer your question the best I could. And for others too who wrote they don't believe in God. If you have anymore questions,you can email me at
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