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Subject: A reply to Brahmos: Pakistan
Sujies    3/5/2006 1:22:49 PM
SLAMABAD: Pakistan said on Monday that it carried out the first nuclear capable Ground Launched Cruise Missile (GLCM) last week in response to the testing of Brahmos cruise missile by India and to restore the "disturbed" balance. The balance between India and Pakistan was somewhat "disturbed" by India's testing of the Brahmos missile. Pakistan therefore carried out the test to restore the balance, he said. 1) India is capable of launching rockets into Geo-stationary orbit , how does a 400 km ranged missile count so much as a technological milestone 2) the pakistani minister talks of some kind of 'balance' i dont understand how can pakistan ever dream of balancing a big nation state like india
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rogue    RE: A reply to Brahmos: Pakistan   3/6/2006 11:34:28 AM
Pakistani's love to delude themselves that they have some sort of parity with india. They don't, never will and the distance will only increase. These guys are fixated on india....come out of it pakistanis....think of whats good for you...nit whats bad for india.
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sanman    RE: A reply to Brahmos: Pakistan   3/7/2006 10:14:39 PM
They can now certainly match India in insurgency violence. When you look at the number of Pak troops being killed in Waziristan and Baluchistan, I think that the Pakistanis have worked very hard to close the gap in terms of getting some nice strong separatist movements going in their country. I think the Pakis were pretty unhappy at being left out of the headlines, so now they'ev made a strong comeback, with at least a couple of major bomb blasts every week over there.
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CRUSH INDIA    RE: A reply to Brahmos: Pakistan   3/8/2006 1:14:24 AM
These are not movements for speration these movements will make us close to as a great nation. don't foreget what's happenning in Indian seventeen States including Kashmir. it will be going on every day you are loosing dozenz of your so called VeerJawans OH sorry Bharat Rakshak.
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rogue    RE: A reply to Brahmos: Pakistan -crush india   3/9/2006 9:42:24 AM
so u mean to tell me that pakistan grows closer by bombing your own fellow citizens with helicopter gunships!!1 Keep it up...soon u'll wipe out half your population......the lesser the population of pak...the better for india
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vedant0756!    Brahmos: Pakistan   7/13/2009 5:08:26 AM

Pakistan?s comments on the modernization of Indian Armed forces are unwarranted. During the entire history of the two countries it was Pakistan that had inducted new weapons in the sub continent.

Now Pakistan is a failed state, leave aside the question of maintaining the basic services to its citizens, it is hard pressed to even cater to fulfilling its debt obligations to the international community. It is in this scenario that we have to analyze the various comments made by Pakistan.

Modernization of India's armed forces is seen as a direct threat by Pakistan, this is because its efforts to weaken India by funding terrorism in Kashmir has now fizzled out in fact the very terrorists that it patronized are at its throat, since they have been stabbed in the back by very government that had professed to help them - "Moral and Political support" as various Prime Ministers of Pakistan had put it to the world community.

Now the Taliban and Al Qaida have been sold by Generals and the political apparatus in Pakistan for some millions of dollars.

Pakistan's army's salwar kameez is now thread bare and they would do well to contain elements in their own country first and then have the pretence of being a friend of the Kashmiri?s. It is time for the Kashmiri's to accept the fact that Pakistan would stab them in the back also, as they have done to the Pastun's; baluch's and Sindhi's . When they have not given any freedom to its own people how can they help the Kashmiri's attain independence? 


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vedant0756!    Brahmos: Pakistan   7/13/2009 5:20:11 AM
One thing is clear, Paksitan does have some of the worlds greatest records, We Indians agree . In the history of mankind never has anywhere, in any war or by any country. 100,000 trained crack commandos surrended in one day. These are the very people who had paraded in pretty dresses on Paksitan's independence day and vopwed to fight a war with India for thousand years.
Sirjee apna salwar kameez ka nada loose ho raha hai kya? Kam se Kam naha ke to aao ladne ke liye, yar badbu aa rahi hai ...kya hua, tumari government ke pas paise nahi kya ek sabun ek liye ?


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vedant0756!    Brahmos and NaPakistan   8/29/2009 5:44:36 AM
Heh just forget Pakistan, since the present day map of Pakistan is gonna change very fast. As a strategy why don't the Indians air drop some tons of Pakistani made weapons to Baluchistan Sindh and NWFP area's. Since the Pakistanis are today busy with printing of counterfit Indian currency, why not print some tons of the Pakistani Rupee and airdrop them at the above mentioned areas.
Brahmos has enough potential to break the Pakistani army, remember the neatly dressed crack commando's of the elite Pakistani army during the 1971 war? They surrendered 100,000 commando's in just one day time ! This is unique record in the history of mankind !
In so far as the true potential of Brahmos is concerned, well the current developments and range are much to do with the international obligations and in time of war these same missles will have a range over 800 Km's, this together with the Prithvi;s will make the Pakistani salwar kameez's go lose all over again, this time they may actually flee to china !
India's current military upgradation takes into consideration the belligerent China and here the views and strategy of the Russians, Far East Asia countries and USA converge.
In the current fast changing global scenario Pakistan has become expendable, and all agree that Pakistan has to be broken up to contain the Terrorist movenment itself !
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