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Subject: One of the Strangest YouTube Videos I've Ever Seen - When Cultures Clash
swhitebull    11/15/2007 6:36:23 AM This cracked me up - dont know why. Ive shown it to some of my Hindu co-workers, and they were spilling coffee/tea whatever on their keyboards, even the female ones. Enjoy!! swhitebull - just so you know, is one of the Good Guys on the web, as a quick perusal of their content will show in their treatment and exposure of the so-called "Religion of Peace", aka "The religion of the perpetually offended." Hope no one is offended by this video, either.
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HoundOfHello       11/16/2007 4:05:45 PM
HAHAHAHA! I just can't get enough of these "translations" of Indian songs. Try youtubing "Buffalax". He is the undisputed master of english lyrics.


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